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Within the past year or two, power ex-couple Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson have been back in the spotlight. The release of the Hulu series Pam and Tommy, which details the horrors the couple faced when their home-style sex tape was stolen and distributed, sent the couple back into a media frenzy.

The Hulu series is known to be controversial as Lee and Anderson were not involved in the creation of it, with Anderson openly detesting the limited series. On January 31st of this year, Pamela released a documentary, Pam, A Love Story, telling her side of the story remaking the scope of it as a tragic love story that no one got out of without being hurt.

A lot of misconceptions came out of the Hulu limited series in addition to the other rumors that were created decades ago when the ex-couple was the talk of Hollywood. The first big one she set straight was her relationship with her former husband, Tommy Lee.

She references him as "the only time I was ever truly in love," and while she still loves him, she had to protect herself and her children from any more potential abuse. Despite the horrific events that took place while the two were together, she reiterates that they are still friends, still have some love for one another, and still check in with each other every once in a while.

Source: Vanity Fair

In talking about Lee, of course, she had to explain then the infamous sex tape featuring herself and her ex-husband. There was and still is a lot of speculation about the origins and intentions of said tape, as it was dubbed the first viral video by one of her sons. Some people believe that the couple had it leaked purposefully as a PR move and that they still make residual income from it, while Pamela has denied this all.

Source: Parade

According to Pamela, the couple had tens of home videos they had made while they were newlyweds stocked up in the safe in their garage. A lot of these videos included nudity but were not created with the intent of them being sex tapes or being seen by anyone except the couple themselves. Pamela states that when the safe was stolen from them, someone spliced all the clips featuring any nudity together to form what is now known as Pam and Tommy's sex tape.

Even though the couple went to court in an attempt to have the video removed from all known places and potentially receive some compensation as Pamela's career was ruined, they supposedly have not received a single cent from the distribution and sales of the tape.

This story was dramatized in Hulu's limited series Pam and Tommy. Pamela completely detested the series due to the fact that nor her or Tommy was advised or involved in the making of the series. She said that she has not watched a single minute of the series, and when asked what she thought about the people behind the series, she called them "assholes" and said that they owe her an apology.

Pamela also spoke about her career after the release of the tape, stating that it ruined her career as a serious actress. In May 1996, while promoting her film Barb Wire, she believed that she would only be answering questions about the film, but that was not the case. The only questions that were being asked were about the infamous sex tape and the intentions behind it. Because of all the buzz around Pamela, the production company believed the movie would be a massive hit, but it flopped at the box office. She stated that at this point, she knew her career was likely over.

Source: IMDb

Through the film, a woman who had been beaten and silenced for being an American sex symbol could finally express herself honestly. The film accomplished just that, letting a woman who was berated and silenced for being an American sex symbol that she had no intention of being, speaking her truth. Despite Pamela being able to speak freely on the subject of her life, it seems that the story still and will always read as a tragic love story.

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