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Gone is the Paco in Paco Rabanne. In is the clean look of an all-lowercase Rabanne logo. Marking the Spanish brand's 60th anniversary, Rabanne released a press statement explaining the concept for its rebrand. Rabanne has announced a more simplified brand name in addition to its new cosmetic line. The purpose: to bridge together all things fashion, scent, and beauty. Rabanne is the one-stop shop for all anyone might want.

Source: Rabanne

The new brand identity of Rabanne pays homage to the founder, Paco Rabanne, who passed away in February. His clean and minimalist style was experimental in ways that were rarely attempted in the 1960s. Because of his background in architecture, Rabanne loved to play around with unusual textures that would not typically be used for clothing. In 1966, he utilized plastic and aluminum in his collection, Twelve Unwearable Dresses, which had futuristic elements that were not overwhelming to the eyes. His style has always incorporated louder and more visually stimulating materials while still possessing a stripped-down feel.

This unique energy is what inspired the rebrand. The upgraded logo and visuals are heavily inspired by Calandre, Rabanne's first and highly successful perfume. The new logo references the perfume's branding while incorporating the simple emblem of the new Rabanne. According to their press release, every product that is made by Rabanne will have the same branding and emit a similar aesthetic to create a "one-brand" strategy.

Source: Rabanne

In doing this, Rabanne is integrating all of its commodities into one identity. The new Rabanne woman will have it all– from the brand's distinct scents to their distinguishable clothing. Introducing a makeup line into the mix only adds to this aesthetic. Silver packaging adorns new glittery and subtle makeup, from eyeshadow to lipgloss. The new line will begin selling in September and new products will release throughout the year. One could spot the new packaging from a mile away and know that it was a Rabanne product.

In simplifying the brand's name and overall look, Rabanne is claiming a revival for its new products. While still keeping true to the original intentions Paco had for the brand. Unifying each branch of Rabanne strengthens its identity and makes its clothing, perfume, and makeup desirable for all.

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