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The joy that comes with owning a good bag is unmatched. This excitement comes rarely as finding the perfect bag is difficult. However, when Sandy Liang and Baggu collab, the world gets the ultimate on-the-go feminine collection. With its array of options and cohesive aesthetic, this collection is truly fantastic. This comes as no shock considering how successful both brands are in their field. In combining their genius specialties, we got an outstanding combination of bags.

Sandy Liang is the ultimate producer of cool-girl Brooklyn style– just one stroll in Williamsburg and you are bound to see one of her pieces. Whether adorned with bows, pleats, or ruching, her clothing is identifiable from miles away. She has a way of crafting her items that read both sophisticated and playful all at once. It is quite remarkable how her seemingly plain black and white clothing can have such a youthful edge to them.

Source: @SandyLiang

Baggu is all about practical use with a flair for fun. From totes to laptop cases, Baggu has scraped the surface of most bag-like items and done so with fashionable ease. Their patterns range in color and vary from florals to fruits. Baggu's reusable products are popular amongst sustainably-conscious shoppers looking to spruce up their outfits while grabbing some groceries. Durable and cutesy, this brand is a staple for hip young adults.

This amalgamation of different bags only dropped yesterday at 1:30 PM EST. And yet, there are none left to purchase. Both brands have already released statements with their intention to drop another round of bags sometime at the end of the year, but have not given specific details. So, naturally, we're wondering what made this collection so desirable.

The collaboration between Sandy Liang and Baggu turned heads when the brands posted teasers on their social media accounts just last week. The posts consisted of their Heavyweight Canvas Tote ($52) embroidered with navy-blue script lettering that reads, "A collaboration between Baggu & Sandy Liang." Fans were struck with joy at the possibility of what this collab could be. Little did they know, it would exceed all expectations.

Source: @SandyLiang

This 17-piece collection combines both brands' aesthetics to a T. There is a cohesive cream, red, and navy color scheme that brings the pieces together. A gingham and floral pattern is sprinkled throughout, whether on an entire garment or just portions of one. There are items in this partnership that can suit all styles.

The Mini Bow Bag ($62) is the ideal staple for anyone's closet. It comes in light blue and black with bows hanging from the sides of it. If you're someone who has been following the ballet core trend, this bag is the ideal purse for you. Similar to the Bow Bag is the Medium Nylon Crescent Bag ($58). The entire bag is accented with the pivotal pattern of the collection and adds a pop of color to any look.

The Standard Baggu Flower Market Plaid ($20) has the same structure as Baggu's classic store bags. The bag is made with a thin nylon material with ample amounts of room to carry everyday necessities. A more durable version of this bag is the Cloud Bag ($58). It has the same shape as the Standard bag but is produced with a thicker, fluffier material.

Source: Baggu

This collaboration makes traveling easier with the Packing Cube Set ($38), a combination of two medium-sized pouches intended for organized packing. For a more sturdy packing item, there is also the Dopp Kit ($34). This is a portable toiletries case that has multiple zippers for easy access inside. To store these items, the brands created the Cloud Cary-On ($88) which is the perfect size for all traveling needs. It fits the standards of flight carry-ons and is meant to store anything you might need for your adventures.

The Puffy Picnic Blanket ($72) is the epitome of summer. With its pattern and easily compactable structure, this item is a picnic lover's dream. It is large enough to hold picnic necessities while fitting over 3 people on the surface. Rather than packing up a blanket and folding it, this one rolls up and can be fastened with the attached strings. Like a bag, it has a large handle that makes holding the blanket simple.

Although this collection is no longer available, keeping an eye out for the next drop is definitely worth it. You can't go wrong with these pieces and their well-made and good-looking qualities. The items are affordable and crafted beautifully, ensuring you'll get your money's worth. Overall, Sandy Liang and Baggu did not disappoint with their perfectly produced pieces.

Source: Baggu

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