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Source: Nike

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week witnessed an unexpected entrant this year when Nike chose to crash the event by debuting its unique womenswear show titled "Goddess Awakened". Breaking away from traditional fashion norms, Nike showcased a powerful fusion of performance, fashion, and female empowerment during a 40-minute, choreographed dance spectacle at the Accor Arena in Paris.

Directed by the talented Parris Goebel, the company brought together over 30 Nike athletes who delivered a captivating display of athleticism and artistry. The show, aptly named after Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, aimed to celebrate women in every sense.

Source: Nike

"Goddess Awakened" served as a platform to launch a new era for Nike. More than ever, the sportwear brand has set its sights to empowering female creativity and self-expression within a supportive community. The goal of the event was to highlight the evolving definition of sport and athletes through a storytelling and thought-provoking performance. Through Goebel’s choreography, the performance tackled several parallel stories that encompassed aspects of a woman's journey, including one of evolving athletes from puberty to pregnancy and postpartum.

The event emphasized the celebration of the female spirit and the importance of community. Inspirational moments featured prominent Nike partners and athletes, including fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, break dancer India Sardjoe, and Paralympian Scout Bassett, who shared their personal stories of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of sports.

Source: Nike

Nike was able to showcase a seamless blend of traditional sportswear with innovative and design-led pieces created in collaboration with renowned designers throughout the performance. Noteworthy collaborations included Martine Rose's gender-neutral athletic kit, Yoon Ahn's striking Nike x Ambush jacket composed of soccer scarves, and Feng Chen Wang's eye-catching sports bras and leggings.

The brands commitment to holistic well-being was also evident throughout the show. The emphasis on movement, mindfulness, nutrition, rest, and connection reflected Nike's dedication to caring for the overall well-being of women. Their new design approach focused on personalized expression, comfort, and inclusivity, ensuring that their apparel not only fits but also feels good for various activities and body types. Moreover, Nike's dedication to research and innovation was on display, with the introduction of leak protection period shorts, advanced technology sports bras tested by the Nike Bra Robot, and the Motiva running sneaker designed to enhance fluid movement.

Throughout this event, Nike boldly embraced dance as a sport, amplifying the voices of the dance community and inspiring others to challenge stereotypes and fearlessly pursue their passions. Goebel's choreography beautifully captured the joy of womanhood, conveying Nike's message of empowerment, unity, and the power of speaking up and standing together to enact change.

Nike's "Goddess Awakened" serves as a powerful reminder to embrace fearlessness, defy judgment, and live life authentically. Through the medium of sport, fashion, and dance, Nike encourages women to awaken their inner goddess, celebrate their uniqueness, and inspire others to do the same. As Nike embarks on this new chapter, they have chosen to apply their "Just Do It," far beyond the realm of athletic performance. By challenging the status quo and encouraging fearless living, Nike hopes to encourage a new future full of empowerment and inspirational challenge.

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