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If we listen to what celebrities wear on the red carpet or out and about, that would mean jewelry, specifically necklaces, are out.

There’s been a decline in celebrities wearing necklaces, despite their necklines calling for them. Take the Golden Globes, many celebs didn’t wear necklaces, and many of them looked horrible.

Not to say not wearing a necklace makes or breaks a look, but it certainly does elevate the ensemble. The jewelry you wear can be the defining piece that makes your outfit inimitable.

Read on for some of our favorites from these up and coming sustainable jewelry brands with pieces that have a certain je ne sais se quoi!

1. Melissa Joy Manning

If you're into that bohemian look or are just really into crystal & gems, look into wearing a necklace from Melissa Joy Manning.

Looking for a necklace to embody a slice of life? Check out their watermelon necklace.

2. Holly Ryan

Are you a sea lover? Love all things coastal-related? You might just fall in love with many of the pieces from Holly Ryan collection.

Need a unique abstract necklace in your collection get their Madeline choker.

3. Automatic Gold

Don’t have a jewelry collection at all and want to start with the classics check out Automatic Gold.

For a simple heavier chain that comes in different colors, shop their Curb Chain.

4. J. Hannah

Want a classy and unique take on classics instead of buying what everyone else wears? Shop J. Hannah

A perfect gift that's sentimental, timeless, and stylish; Shop their Era locket.

5. Ana Luisa

Support a brand that supports you. Ana Luisa makes timeless and unique giftable pieces that you can feel good about buying and wearing. Shop a brand that takes pride in having "pieces at prices you'll love."

Take a look at their dainty, but not daunting pendant, their Forget-Me-Not flower necklace.

Don't be like the celebrities who walk the carpets with bad necklines and no necklaces. Stay ahead of the times by having fashionable investments. Let capitalism benefit you, buy to increase your wealth and look good doing it. Bring back necklaces.

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