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TikTok microtrends effortlessly weave in and out of popularity, captivating audiences with their influence on everything from makeup to fashion, particularly the ever-changing landscape of manicure trends. Staying abreast of this fast-paced shift, from intricate aura nails to delicate satin slip nails within a mere year, is a formidable task. Yet, amidst this whirlwind, the "naked nail" trend emerges as a potential solution—a captivating anti-trend taking TikTok by storm.

Historically, having naked nails has been associated with a "nail cleanse," which involves a break from acrylic and gel manicures, which can make your nails brittle and fragile. However, TikTokers seem to be skipping manicures these days out of pure contempt for sitting in a salon chair. Sydney Nichols, who originally popularized the trend on TikTok, says, "I am so tired of going to the nail salon every two weeks to sit and have a gel manicure. I decided to rock naked nails in January unless it was a special occasion, like a work meeting or a wedding." Alix Earle and Tinx both jumped into the comments to agree. “I’ve been saying this!” wrote Earle. Tinx just gave a “Yessss.”

Source: TikTok

And we understand that while having your nails done at home or a nail salon is typically considered relaxing, doing it frequently may cost a lot of time and money. Getting naked nails may seem easy, but switching from frequent gel manicures to an entirely bare manicure is as challenging as going from cosmetics to going without any. Furthermore, not all nails are created equal, so starting with nail care and diet is essential if you notice that yours are brittle or weak.

According to registered dietitian Melissa Bailey of The Nourished Fork, "Eating a well-balanced diet and increasing your biotin intake is your best bet for helping to strengthen your nails." Animal proteins such as eggs, meat, and salmon include biotin, but if you're a vegan, have seeds, almonds, and sweet potatoes in your diet. Choose a biotin-rich supplement, such as the Kapowder Saviour Vegan-Friendly Biotion Formula ($38), if you want to include dietary supplements.

Source: Kapowder Source: Tweezerman Source: Ulta

It's also time to treat your hands with the same level of care as the rest of your skin. Using a cuticle softener, push back any dead cuticle cells that have accumulated on your nail plate. Next, to reduce breaking, file your nails with a glass nail file like the Tweezerman Glass Nail File ($8).

Apply a nail strengthener, such as the Orly Nailtrition ($15), if your nails are particularly brittle. Finally, use cuticle oil to hydrate your cuticles and promote strong nail growth. Sidia The Hand Serum ($36) is a good moisturizer for soft skin. And for stronger nails, remember to reapply cuticle oil and hand serum daily!

You can choose from a variety of manicures for a nude look if entirely skipping polish feels like too much, too soon. Pick nourishing nail paints like Butter London Strawberry Rhubarb Strengthening Treatment ($18) for a lip gloss manicure or the Nails.Inc Back to Life Strengthening Nail Treatment ($15) for a creamy milk bath mani.

Source: Sidia Source: Butter Source: Nails.Inc

The great thing about this trend is that it allows you to wear your nails naturally without worrying about their appearance. Furthermore, since you are not harming your nails, you are actually doing them a favor. Nails need to breathe because otherwise, they will become as thin as paper. Why wait till summer to implement this trend? This summer won't have any worries at all!

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