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Nails can be the best accessories— tiny works of art you can carry around on your hands. Having long acrylic nails has been in style these last few years, which wasn't always the case. Women in black and brown communities pioneered the love for and look of long acrylic nails. Their beauty is continuously gentrified. We’ve seen it happen with their baby hairs, the lining of their lips, and now, of course, their nails.

Source: @Saweetie and @Makeupbychelseax

Many nail designs and long nails were considered ghetto and not widely accepted outside of Black and Brown communities. When the Kardashian-Jenners and other celebrities and influencers started doing it, it became cool, cute, and trendy. Think 2018, when long matte coffin nails ruled our Pinterest feeds. Back then, we couldn't get enough of the elaborate, print-like nail designs.

Posting with the focus on your nails has fallen off because we’ve been oversaturated by skincare, makeup, and drama. But nail culture has slowly been coming back into trend— what have you missed?

In recent years, different variations for french tip nails have been really popular. People were getting them in different shapes, like v-cuts, and in an amalgamation of colors. We also quickly grew to love psychedelic swirls and pastels last summer. And now, everything's chrome.

Gel nails, the extensions, not the type of polish, have become increasingly popular. Many nail techs are adding gel extensions to their menu of options, as well as gems and 3D add-ons. Inspired by the looks of Black Y2k communities, came our love for bling, sets, and themes. With 3D designs coming back into fashion, now the duck-feet nail style has too. Celebrities like Cardi B have even joined in on this Y2K trend.

Source : @terona.glam on Instagram and Allure via Cardi B's Instagram

Since beauty is always trending, don’t expect it to go anywhere. Take inspiration directly from the source by supporting black and brown businesses. Visit your local mom-and-pop shop nail salon or book an appointment with your neighborhood IG nail tech now. Or even get yourself a cute quick set of press-ons. It’s a part of fashion, but see it as self-care.

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