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From a black suit with an accentuated collar mimicking the classic Moschino heart, to a full-length wrap gown printed with animated animals, this line has both pieces that are strictly for the runway and are ready to fly off the rack.

According to Vogue Magazine, backstage at the show, Scott explained the inspiration behind the collection was inflation.

"Everybody's talking about inflation. The cost of everything's going up: housing, food, life. So I took inflation into the collection."

As the first look made its way down the runway, the collection quickly transitioned from minimalist looks centered around their classic heart shape logo to maximalist — a nod to late 20th-century trends. While muted and understated compared to what Moschino typically presents on the runway, it is reminiscent of the simplistic pieces sold in their retail stores. The idea of inflation is captured within the more minor details of the first third of the collection; Inflated lapels and hemlines along with bold heart-shaped accessories.

Source: Vogue Magazine

About a third of the way through the collection, the looks completely switch to deep colors and florals, which pays homage to the brand's roots. In the brand’s Spring 2022 collection, tweed suits and bold colors were used to create an updated niche version of the New England coastal style. Inflation inspired this year's tubular hems and shoulder epaulets that resemble handles on a blowup pool toy.

Spring 2023 Spring 2022 Spring 2023

Source: Vogue Magazine

The updated coastal theme is present for about twenty or so looks. The idea of inflation is taken further in this section of the collection, having Scott paired cartoon animal print dresses with what look like inflatable water toys for kids. In an interview with Vogue Magazine, the designer explained the use of inflatables by looking at the literal meaning of inflation; "Sometimes we feel like we're drowning. I'm sure you do. I know I do. But no matter what is going on, we have to save space for joy, right? The darker it is, the lighter I have to be."

Source: Vogue Magazine

Overall this collection has a little something for everyone. This was a good switch from the last spring collection that centered around one or two specific styles. Despite the consistent theme of inflation that can be clearly seen, this collection has a range of looks that go from complete minimalist to all-out maximalist and everything in between.

Source: Vogue Magazine

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