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With their Resort 2024 collection, MM6 Maison Margiela continues to demonstrate their commitment to wearable and practical fashion. The collection showcases the brand's renowned attention to detail by emphasizing subtle details and gestures in garments. The brand elevated relatively simple looks by borrowing century old dress-making techniques and incorporating them into the house’s signature laid back style. The effect achieved by the upgraded basic pieces is a timeless and endlessly wearable wardrobe staple.

Starting with the informal and relaxed aesthetic, MM6 Maison Margiela then utilizes traditional techniques to create striking looks. By repeatedly making use of a ruched neckline, MM6 stylizes traditional pieces of clothing and allows them to become more than what they typically are. A cotton t-shirt is transformed to be more enthralling. A beige trench becomes an enveloping cape-like piece. A plain twill top becomes the perfect base layer to build an outfit around. The simplicity allows the items to be endlessly adaptable into any wardrobe, but the minor details allow them to elevate any outfit.

Source: Vogue

MM6 demonstrates a skillfully minimalist approach with an emphasis on texture and shape over all else. The collection utilizes everything from mesh, to wool, to even Tyvek, the reflective material uses on construction sites as dust sheets. The many materials are soon turned into an ensemble of flattering shapes, and then elevated by minor details like pleating, zippers, and detached sleeves.

Throughout the collection, MM6 explores the theme of opposites. Either juxtaposing tailoring with relaxed trousers, or long dresses with baggy pants, the relaxed aesthetic is achieved again even with traditionally formal pieces. There is an impressive level of androgyny in most of the garments while offering a mix-and-match approach that prioritizes comfort.

Source: Vogue

There are not too many pieces that are going to make you do a double take, but there are many you can study to appreciate all the subtle details. A wool coat is held together by safety pins, subtly taking influence from punk fashion. In a similar vein, a pair of denim has an exposed seam down the front, keeping with that DIY aesthetic very simply and cautiously. An asymmetrical, barely sheer, pleated turtleneck is another case where the longer one looks the more interesting the top becomes.

Source: Vogue

The accessories include adding to an ongoing collaboration with Salomon, by releasing the MM6 Maison Margiela x Salomon XT-4 shoes. Additionally, one of the brand’s best-known signatures, the anatomic shoe, is back in a green satin colorway. The Numeric bag from the previous season makes a return in both mini and large versions.

Overall, the collection is a nice wearable addition to the Margiela we have come to know. While there is nothing that's going to blow you away immediately, there are a variety of pieces in here that would make amazing additions to elevate an outfit from good to great. It is the type of collection you expect out of the resort season, and it achieves everything it sets out to do.

Source: Vogue

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