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Maximalism is the counterpart to minimalism which has taken over the mainstream with the popularity of influences like Kim K, whose life and home are modeled after the minimalist, neutral tone. Maximalism has become popularized in the last couple of years as a response to minimalism from interior design to fashion. The fundamental principle of the style is that more is more— focusing on color, pattern, textures, and shapes. Like in the past, maximalism influenced interior design as well as fashion, the same is happening now.

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When styling a maximalist outfit, there is a lot of things to consider. Starting with a focus on color, being complementary and contrasting. The same goes for patterns, following a similar color palette or clashing patterns in different hues. Textures, like patterns can be added to the outfit using velvet, lace, leather, and silk to add to the look.

Most maximalists prefer certain types of silhouettes, often a mix of oversized and fitted. The finishing touches are accessories from statement jewelry, eccentric shoes, and colorful bags. Not only can this be used in a fashionable way, but for warmth, the use of tights, hats, gloves, scarfs, earmuffs, Balaclava, layered outerwear.

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It doesn't stop many maximalists from enjoying expression through makeup, hair styling, and color. Not only is maximalism on the street, Instagram, and Tik Tok, but the trend has made it to the runway and trickled down into stores. Brands such as Coach, H&M, Gucci, Comme des Garcons, Schiaparelli, and Valentino have joined in on the trend. With a peak of people searching maximalism on google during the beginning of 2021.

Source: Instagram

Influencers like @saracamposarcone, @polychrom3, and many more have helped popularize the aesthetic. Sara Camposarcone is a Toronto-based influencer who blew up on Tik Tok for her maximalist fashion sense. Her style is eclectic, bold, unusual, and inspired by nostalgia.

Source: Instagram

A lot of the creators emphasize how they have fun with fashion in a sustainable way by using what they have in unique ways and wearing or layering things differently to make a whole new outfit. Thalia, also known as @polychrom3, is a personal stylist who works virtually with clients worldwide. She has now started a free styling program for people in marginalized communities or who experience income disparities. Thalia is inspired to dress by her inner child, which allows her to fully express herself.

Maximalists see fashion as an expression of art and personal preference; it doesn't matter if other people don't get it as long as it makes you happy. The trend will continue to grow into fashion, with influencers, celebrities, and everyday people participating in this aesthetic. Maximalism will continue to grow to fight against minimalism like it always has. What side are you on, minimalist or maximalist?

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