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Source: D’Iyanu

Today, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr, all he was and the change he cultivated that ripples into today’s society. We remember, and honor the activist who spent most of his life helping Black Americans gain freedom and rights. Captivating many with his articulate voice and impeccable style. His iconic formalwear was sophisticated and sharp. He is most well known for giving speeches and leading rallies. As a Civil Rights leader, King was often seen in suits, the perfect ensemble to aspire confidence and to inspire others.

Source: D’Iyanu

Many believe that fashion was an important part of strengthening the movement in the way that many Black American activists are known for. Like Malcolm X White who was often seen in a white bow tie paired with black-rimmed glasses.

Dr. King preferred an expertly tailored dark suit, a French cuffed shirt, and skinny ties. He accessorized with a white handkerchief, solid-colored ties for formal events and patterned ties during informal occasions. Dr. King was a fan of cuff links, and fedoras and was often seen in pleated pants that were very popular in the 50s.

During this time period, America was going through a turning point as protesters marched through the South, sat in protest at segregated luncheons, and boycotted buses for their civil rights and equality.

The brand Tommy Hilfiger was considered a social revolution when Black Americans purchased their iconic polos, dungarees, and rugby shirts in larger sizes, producing an oversized look. Tommy Hilfiger Co. donated to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr National Museum which was dedicated to the well-known “I Have Dream Speech." Hilfiger, unlike other brands at the time, embraced black culture, rappers, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Source: D’Iyanu

Fashion has been a tool for pushing protest in the news and media making it easily distinguishable. Dr. King was very fashion-forward for his time, always able to look put together from his formal wear to casual wear. Dr. King's impeccable style was a visual representation of the powerful and peaceful man that changed the world

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