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On April 20th, 2023, luxury brands Maison Atia and Sonia Petroff held a luxurious event at the Baccarat Hotel in Manhattan exhibiting an extraordinary slow fashion curation. Featuring their shared values for craftsmanship, timeless style and sustainable practices.

"Our ethos at Sonia Petroff is to promote “slow fashion” in everything we do. Slow fashion for me

means premium quality that will last for years to come... We aim for all our designs to

strike the right balance between fun and refined, whimsical and classic. For this reason we are

delighted to be collaborating with Maison Atia, who share our vision for pieces that are beautiful,

joyful, versatile and sustainable.” says Maria Leoni-Sceti, Founder and Creative Director of Sonia Petroff.

Maison Atia has been working with FabScrap to recycle leftover materials since their inception. The brand is reinventing the faux fur sector by turning recycled water bottles into thread, which would eventually become their iconic, conscientious alternative fur coats. This unique fabric, Koba, was launched in 2020 and is made 100% from plants and recycled water bottles.

Inspired by the 1970s and Sonia Petroff's vintage jewelry, the brands curations complemented one another in a rather compelling nature. Highlights included upcycled vintage archival dresses, and animal inspired accessories— perfect for everyday wear.


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