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You’ve seen them on your Pinterest, your explore page or anywhere on your Instagram feed because they are so trendy and stylish this year, already. Short denim skirts are all the talk when it comes to summer but this season’s hottest take… long denim skirts.

A denim skirt is so versatile, almost anybody has one in their closet, but a long one? You might think back to the Y2k era or the ones that your kindergarten teacher used to wear.

Bella Hadid was seen sporting the long denim skirt at the Givenchy show at Paris Fashion Week last year where this trend caught the attention of many. Soon after, a whole group of trendsetters would need to get their hands on this piece as fast as they could. She wears it with a denim bra, a matching bag and completes the look with knee-high lace up boots.

If you're looking to dress it down, wearing the skirt with sneakers or sandals can still make you feel put together without the effort. Even on date night or on a night out, pairing this piece with a strappy heel will make you feel confident while striding down the streets of the city (all while keeping you warm too!)

The best thing about the long denim skirt is you can style it with any type of accessory or shoe from your closet and it’ll still look amazing from head to toe.

Source: From left to right, @summerrachelwarren, @izzydilger , @audreyafs

Summer Rachel Warren paired hers with chunky black platforms, ankle-high socks, a lace top and an oversized leather jacket. Her sense of style is unmatched, giving an edgier side to this look while also keeping it simple.

You can wear it with a boot or platform to make it more streetwear, similar to how Warren styled this piece. Izzy Dilger opted for a cropped beige sweater over a white collared button up and brown-burgundy boots while Audrey Afonso paired this with a simple white tank, a red biker jacket and a black belt.

Source: Tazz Maxi Denim Skirt from Reformation

This skirt from Reformation is perfect for a more elegant look on date night. Pairing it with a strappy black heel will complete your outfit, add an eccentric blouse that is full of color to top it all off. The slit in the middle of the skirt shows that little pop of skin you need to feel confident on an evening out.

Producing an outfit around the long denim skirt can be simple or classy if you're looking for embellishment for your daily wear. It had me convinced to buy one already, since you can create a combination of outfits from this single item.

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