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Levi's, the denim brand that stems from the heart of San Francisco, is paying homage to its iconic 501 Jean with an "immersive experience" that opened May 19th. This archival gallery is part of a year long anniversary bash, which includes a collaboration with Rolling Loud to perform in select locations this Saturday. San Francisco, which has had one of the toughest post-COVID recovery rates of any major U.S. city, is soon to boom yet again as festivities continue this weekend.

The 501 was originally created by the founder of the brand, Levi Strauss, in an effort to adapt denim jeans into higher quality work pants. Strauss patented the process of riveting jean pockets with collaborator Jacob Davis. Now, 150 years later, this detail is still present on all Levi jeans.

To celebrate this anniversary, the brand is giving buyers a unique gallery experience. Not only do visitors get to view the history of the 501s through archival displays, but allows them to customize their jeans in store. The experience will include a factory area in which visitors will be able to view the denim making process, along with being able to create their own unique pair. Additionally, Levi is offering a workshop area where jeans can be repaired while the buyer shops, views the archives, or learns more about sustainability with brand partners.

Saturday, May 27th, Rolling Loud and Levi are presenting celebrational performances in multiple locations around the world. The concerts, which will take place in San Francisco, London, Paris, and Tokyo, feature three artists each.

During this small festival, Levi stated there would be multiple food vendors from the Bay Area present. Not only do these festivities benefit the long-time denim brand, but is set to increase foot traffic heavily in San Francisco. By throwing their anniversary bash in their hometown, Levi is paying homage to its humble beginnings, and uplifting the very city that gave it life.

To read more about the event, visit Levi's website.

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