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Laurel Charleston Dawns a New Era of Beauty Creativity

It’s October 2022, and you’re scrolling through your TikTok “For You” page. You scroll by a few artists and creatives, all recreating the same trendy and tame makeup looks. As you continue to scroll, a video of Doja Cat with white face paint appears as if it were dripping down her face shows up. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, and before you know it, you’re falling down a TikTok rabbit hole of beauty creativity that intrigues and inspires.

In 2022, many of the beauty industry’s heavy hitters centered their looks around one major trend, dubbed the “Clean Girl Aesthetic.” However, during Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2023, one star’s makeup stood out- Doja Cat. These stunning and inventive looks, specifically those created by Laurel Charleston, shone juxtaposed amidst a sea of skin tints, barely-there blushes, and tinted lip balms.

An integral part of any fashion forward look is the way in which the makeup pairs with the garments

being worn. Charleston’s expertise enabled her to perfectly pair Doja’s ensemble with matching makeup looks that perfectly contrasted or blended with her style, depending on the occasion. From golden body paint against a plaid suit worn at A.W.A.K.E Mode to a stunning graphic

eyeliner paired with a gold adorned look filled with oranges, reds and greens at Vivienne Westwood; Charleston’s executions paired flawlessly with Doja’s fashion to create a moment that the media couldn’t stop buzzing about.

Charleston’s work isn’t just limited to Doja Cat, though. They regularly create beauty content for social media, mainly TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Her content includes beauty looks that span a wide variety of genres; From recreations of pictures and paintings to bold, colorful geometric looks that both stun and shock, Charleston’s social media truly has an archive of makeup looks that would inspire any creative within or outside of the beauty industry.

The creativity demonstrated in Charleston's beauty content is unique and serves to inspire, and we can only hope that artistry like Charleston's will become more ubiquitous in the fashion industry as the Fall/Winter 2023 season approaches.

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