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Get pumped for an electrifying third season of The Kardashians, exclusively on Hulu! Join the trailblazing Kylie Jenner as she fearlessly tackles beauty standards and the family's impact on shaping them. Her powerful call for change has garnered widespread praise, making this season an absolute must-watch! Don't miss out!

Recently, Kylie has been candid about her desire to shield her young daughter, Stormi, from the pressures she faced while growing up. She aims to guide Stormi away from making similar body modification choices. She has openly admitted that if she could turn back time, she would avoid making any changes to herself. This newfound perspective, inspired by motherhood, has led her to embrace the concept of natural beauty in herself and her daughter, which is undeniably commendable.

However, the episode that finally aired left many viewers disappointed and perplexed. The teaser set expectations for a meaningful conversation on the harmful beauty standards perpetuated by the family. The actual episode fell short, with zero discussion of the very issue that seemed to be addressed in the trailer. Instead, the family portrayed themselves as victims, leaving the critical dialogue about beauty standards unexplored. This disconnect between the teaser and the reality of the episode has sparked discussions about the need for more genuine and substantive conversations surrounding beauty standards and their impact on society.

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In the ninth episode of the third season, an intriguing moment arises when Kourtney requests Kylie to do her makeup, and Khloé joins them for a casual hangout. This scene appeared to be the opportune moment for Kylie's supposed call for a more extensive conversation on beauty standards, as teased in the trailer. However, disappointingly, this particular comment and the anticipated "bigger conversation" were conspicuously absent from the episode's final cut.

During the scene, Kourtney touches upon the significance of confidence, even embracing imperfections, while reflecting on the prevailing beauty standards in today's world. However, she refrains from explicitly mentioning the specifics of these standards, such as the pressure for a small waist or nose, which is a crucial aspect that needs to be added to the conversation.

Kylie then interjects, acknowledging their immense influence and raising concerns about young girls heavily editing their images on social media. She candidly admits that she, too, went through a phase of editing but has reached a better place. Unfortunately, the authenticity of this claim is challenged by recent accusations against Kylie for photoshopping her Instagram pictures as recently as April. This discrepancy calls into question the sincerity of her statement and can be perceived as borderline insulting to the audience, who yearn for honest and genuine discussions surrounding beauty standards.

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The episode touches upon some self-acceptance and individual expression as Kourtney shares her plan to allow her children to express themselves freely. While this is a positive step, it falls short of the expected and much-needed larger conversation about the harmful beauty standards perpetuated by influential figures like the Kardashians. The viewers' hopes for a more substantial dialogue on these crucial issues were left unfulfilled, leaving room for deeper exploration and understanding.

Later, the woman behind a highly successful cosmetics brand, in an on-camera moment, she addresses one of the prevalent misconceptions about her, asserting, "One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that…I got so much surgery to change my whole face, which is false." She clarifies that her cosmetic enhancements have been limited to "only fillers."

In this revealing episode, Khloé, who has undergone significant changes to her appearance, opens up about her journey to self-confidence and the struggles she faced growing up in the spotlight. She candidly shares, "I had the most confidence. I was chubby and in a skintight body-con dress. Society gave me insecurities." Khloé endured hurtful scrutiny, especially compared to her slimmer sisters, which affected her self-esteem. Unfortunately, this weight shame also affected their brother, Rob Kardashian, prompting him to leave public life.

Source: The U.S Sun

Even after achieving a slimmer figure, Khloé still faces criticism and feels pressured to conform to society's expectations. She reflects on the constant judgment, stating, "Not good enough. Still, there are people constantly bullying you. You have to do things for yourself," expressing her frustration with the unfair pressure she encounters.

However, it becomes apparent that this conversation needs to address the family's role in perpetuating certain body ideals. Khloé's involvement in promoting the Revenge Body program and her family's endorsement of products like appetite suppressants, "flat tummy tea," and waist trainers raise questions about their commitment to body positivity. The contradiction between acknowledging the impact of negative comments on social media and actively profiting from the pursuit of weight loss creates a disconnect that needs to be addressed.

Moreover, Khloé and Kylie discuss how their insecurities were shaped by comments from family members rather than solely from the media or the public. This realization calls attention to the responsibility within the family to foster a compassionate and supportive environment. While the impact of hurtful comments on social media should not be dismissed, recognizing their influence from within the family underscores the importance of promoting body positivity at home.

As viewers, we want to see an evolution in their approach, promoting body acceptance and diversity instead of perpetuating narrow beauty standards. This conversation serves as a starting point, but it is only through consistent and substantial efforts that meaningful change can occur. The call for understanding, empathy, and a more inclusive outlook on beauty standards is not just an opportunity for growth but also a responsibility for those significantly influencing society's perception of beauty.

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