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The coronation of King Charles III is fast approaching, with the elaborate ceremony being held on May 6. According to reports released in recent weeks, the future King is rumored to be foregoing traditional coronation dress in favor of business attire. This move has been hailed by media outlets as a nod toward the royal's desire to counteract growing criticism and modernize the monarchy.

Giving a dated institution a breath of fresh air with a more relaxed dress code may sound like a great idea, but let's be honest. We were all looking forward to the fashion. Members of the House of Lords, one of the chambers of Parliament, were asked to swap out traditional coronation robes and coronets for a much more subdued look to match the ceremony. Guests are expected to forego the extravagant formal attire seen in coronations past, breaking a centuries old tradition of pageantry and glamor.

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The change isn't without reason, as it's been reported that the monarch wants to avoid excess in the ceremony considering the nation's cost of living crisis. The motivation behind the switch is admirable, but we're still sad to miss out on what could have been one of the year's biggest fashion events.

King Charles is reported to be wearing his military uniform for his coronation, breaking yet another royal tradition by abstaining from the customary dramatic outfit changes seen during his mother's coronation.

Source: Tatler

It's rumored that Kate Middleton might not even wear a tiara to the ceremony, yet another break in centuries-long royal tradition. Considering the more casual, daytime atmosphere of the event, it's safe to assume that long dresses will also most likely be out of the question. This decision also falls in line with the future King's efforts to limit out-of-touch displays of wealth and opulence considering the global economic state.

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The one place that we can guarantee glamour is, iconic-ally, from King Charles himself. During the ceremony itself, he will be wearing the St. Edward's Crown, which boasts a whopping 444 gemstones and a hefty five pound weight. The crown hasn't been worn since his mother's coronation in 1953, and will only be donned by the monarch briefly before switching into something a little lighter on the head.

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With so much speculation about the fashion we'll see (or not see) at the coronation, we're excited to see how the monarch's efforts to modernize the monarchy play out during the event. We can't wait to get more details as the date gets closer.

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