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Fashion designer, Kevan Hall, took us back to a time of refined elegance in fashion unveiling his Spring Summer 2024 collection, "Côte d'Azur." Hall pays homage to 1930s Deauville, a French town that came into popularity at a time of Paris’s pinnacle of high fashion. The show took place at the 3 West Club in Manhattan during New York Fashion Week.

The most apparent of Hall's design goal is to introduce and redefine what elegance means to younger audiences. Hall achieves this through the combination of 1930s fashion staples, such as halter dresses and wide-leg trousers, with the modern twist of bold colors and patterns to styles better known for their neutrals and muted tones.

In addition to this is Hall's ability to make casual fashion appear refined and elegant. Since Deauville is a seaside town, relaxed and flowy fabrics were popular during its golden days. Hall uses this element while adding his signature tailored sharpness in the collection through structured coats and slitted dresses. The collection ranges from feminine elements to modern twists as Hall plays with silhouettes through pants, padded shoulders, etc.

The models were styled with nude heels in each look for the collection’s photoshoot. Meanwhile, the models' hair varied between glamorous to simple, depending on whatever paired well with the outfit. Hall also embraces the models' ethnicities, through afros, braids, etc. This was likely to combat the previously exclusive nature of Deauville. Despite holding on to Deauville’s vintage inspirations, Kevan Hall leaves the door open for innovation and growth to create clothes that aren't limited to being worn by one type of person.

Hall continued to bring the riches of Deauville to everyone through the display of jewelry styled on the models. The simplistic jewelry highlighted the clothing itself without being overbearing. The French style motif of pairing opulent jewelry was another vintage inspiration in Hall's collection, adding his element of modernism through his collaboration with Chatham.

Chatham is a jewelry brand that has been globally recognized as an important leader in lab-grown jewelry for luxury fashion. Chatham's ability to replicate naturally grown jewels in a lab perfectly ties into Kevan Hall's collection theme of updating the old to make something new and better.

All in all, Hall was able to bring his vision of 1930s Deauville to life with an eclectic and refined collection that will be replicated for seasons to come. Through the glamorous new collection, Hall's use of spring elements like bold colors mixed with classic styles has secured Hall as an icon in fashion.


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