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Jil Sander, the epitome of minimalism and elegance in fashion, continues to push boundaries with its latest Resort 2024 menswear collection. Under the creative direction of Luke and Lucie Meier, the brand explores a new perspective on what it means to be elegantly dressed, challenging the traditional notion that elegance is solely tied to tailoring.

Source: Vogue

The Meiers, renowned for their contemporary touch while honoring the brand's heritage, present a collection that seamlessly blends contrasting elements. The designers set out with a guiding principle to create sophistication through untraditional norms. "We love tailoring, but you don't have to wear a jacket every day to look elegant," the designers assert.

The collection offers a refreshing interpretation of modern style, where sporty and workwear references meet the Meiers' refined approach. Delicate touches, such as sparse embroideries, discreet yet handsome jewelry pieces, and artistic prints, gently smooth the angular sartorial choices they favor. Blurring these lines between utilitarian, sporty, and formal aesthetics, the Meiers infuse structured functionality with elevated sophistication.

Source: Vogue

Although they voice an opposition to formality being strictly defined by tailoring, that does not mean the couple is entirely against it. In fact, they set out to create their own reimagined tailored pieces that became some of the highlights of the show. Featuring a broad square-cut, half-breast boxy jacket worn over short-shorts or an equally abbreviated skirt, the Meiers join in on the recent wave of unconventional suits we have seen from so many designers. Traditional undershirts also give way to high-collared tops, textured knits, jacquard cropped tops, and mesh T-shirts to further redefine what a suit should be.

The collection also reimagines a fully-fashioned tracksuit in bold bright green to have an elevated and polished look compared to its ordinary counterparts. The Meiers emphasize that one can exude smartness with a beautifully cut shirt boasting a slight drape, once again proving that elegance can be achieved without a tailored jacket.

Source: Vogue

The footwear in the collection deserves special mention, as Jil Sander merges the worlds of sports and luxury. Chunky rubber-soled sneakers coexist with vulcanized thigh-high rubber boots, offering options at both ends of the scale.

Jil Sander's Meier-ification journey is a spectacle to behold, and the Men's Resort 2024 collection solidifies their vision. With a meticulous balance of minimalism and romantic touches, the Meiers redefine elegance in menswear. Relaxed silhouettes, sharp lines, varying proportions, and versatile fabrications breathe life into cable knit v-neck sweaters, vests, oversized jumpers, structured blazers, oversized pants, and captivating coats. The collection is further complemented by leather bags and knee-high leather boots, completing a contemporary wardrobe that celebrates modern sensibilities as the pinnacle of elegance.

In a world where tailoring has long been synonymous with elegance, Jil Sander's Resort 2024 menswear collection dares to challenge conventions and sets a new standard for sophisticated style.

Source: Vogue

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