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Ever since Fay Wray let out her first shriek in 1933's King Kong, horror and thriller movies would not be the same without a designated "scream queen". This term, which used to refer to a damsel in distress character, has been rebranded through generations of film. Actresses such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell, and Shelley Duvall have claimed the title, and now 20 year old, Jenna Ortega has captured audiences worldwide with her roles in films such as Scream and X. Beginning her career playing young Jane in Jane the Virgin, Jenna has starred in over seven film and TV productions, with small roles in many others. However, her portrayal of Wednesday Addams in Wednesday garnered over 1.2 billion views and is now the second most watched series on Netflix. Now in the spotlight, Ortega has proven her prowess as an actress, as well as leaving her mark on red carpets and movie premieres with her spin on couture fashion.

Ortega attended her second Met Gala this year, in a look that paid homage to Karl Lagerfeld, while also maintaining her signature style. The dress, designed by Thom Browne, features a black corset and tiered ruffle skirt, leading into a draping train. Although the silhouette itself creates a bold look, the details alone scream Lagerfeld's era of Chanel; Adorned with gold lining, pearls, and a black bow on her chest, there was no part of Jenna Ortega's outfit that was not consistent with the theme. Fashion lovers rejoiced as this dress graced the Met Gala carpet, while fans of the hit show Wednesday admired Jenna's commitment to the whimsigothic aesthetic. To tie the outfit together, the young actress sported a pair of platform brogues and sheer knee high tights.

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Beyond her red carpet outfits, Ortega maintains a distinct aesthetic in her TV appearances. Jenna hosted a recent episode of SNL in April of this year, using her opening monologue to joke about her gloomy personality as Wednesday Addams. Jenna wore a custom Valentino look, a black sheer polka dot blouse and black shorts, adding a tuxedo coat with a red corsage over top. Paired with sheer tights and black Mary Jane's, her stylist Enrique Melendez kept her signature all-black look, while adding feminine details and a pop of color.

Photo Credits: @mrenriquemelendez on Instagram

Although dubbed a "scream queen" and being known for gothic-esque outfits, Ortega ventured outside her normal attire while on press tour for Scream VI. Ortega was featured on stylist Melendez's Instagram, adorned in a matching olive green set designed by Dion Lee. The top is a high-fashion twist on the corset-style that was popularized with brands such as Vivienne Westwood, while the pants feature a draped gold chain while maintaing a relaxed fit. Although Jenna's outfit was not as true to her usual aesthetic, the young actress looked powerful and confident in this classy silhoutte.

As Ortega's career continues to skyrocket, fans and critics alike are wondering what she will wear during her upcoming appearances. Jenna Ortega has maintained a level of taste well beyond her age, thanks to her styling team. Just being cast in the new Beetlejuice 2, many look forward to seeing this new scream queen's fashion sense develop as her career does.

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