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For the April Issue, the team came up with their favorite sustainable brands to share with the Issued readers in hopes of spreading awareness about sustainability. Below is a curated list (in no particular order) of sustainable brands that promise to make our environment a better place with their products. This list is composed of fashion, skincare, makeup, and footwear brands, so there's something for everyone on here.

1. Ghanda

Source: Ghanda

Ghanda is a surf and streetwear brand from Australia that is 100% local and is eliminating waste by printing to order. They make clothing for men and women as well as teen's and kids while striving to limit their waste. By using their in-house printing and hand-printed designs by their team, they are able to terminate overproduction in the fashion industry.

2. Reformation

Source: Reformation

Reformation is the perfect go-to boutique for all types of things like jeans, shoes, wedding guest dresses and more! Their commitment to sustainability is laid out in an impressive presentation on their website that vows to remain sustainable and help the initiative by moving forward with the process. They also give tips to their customers in order for their closet to stay recyclable just like the clothes Reformation produces.

3. Stella McCartney Beauty

Source: STELLA Skincare

The ISSUED team is such a big fan of Stella McCartney, we had to include her on this list. Not only is her label sustainable, but she launched a beauty brand that is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Taking after her mother who was an animal and vegan activist, McCartney has banned ingredients from being used in her products that are polluting. She takes an extra step forward by using sustainable packaging and designed a unique refill system that is recyclable and makes a better impact on the environment. Say no more Stella!

4. Kinship

Source: Kinship

"We believe in a better place starting with ur face" is Kinship's motto and we can't get enough of it. Kinship is a CLEAN skincare company that is kind to the environment all at the same time. They use recycled plastic from the ocean for their jars and have eliminated 6 tons of plastic from the oceans so far. All of their paper materials are also recyclable and encourage their customers to turn empty skincare jars into a tiny planter or container for small goods!

5. Marine Serré

Source: Marine Serre

Marine Serre is a couture brand that has around 50% sustainable collections that are made with upcycled products. They also work with innovative materials to minimize the waste in textiles in the industry, here is a breakdown of each material they use on their website.

6. Wolven

Source: Wolven

Wolven's motto is "Make Sustainability Sexy" and they sure know how. This community-based brand makes long-lasting activewear and swimwear from recycled plastic bottles. Their comfortable and flexible fabric is created from broken down plastics and recycled into textiles. Every order removes 1 pound of ocean-bound plastic while also using sustainable and low-impact packaging for their products, according to their 2022 sustainability report.

7. Nightswim

Source: Nightswim, Bex Crochet Pant

Nightswim is more eco-friendly with their products and bases their collections of conscious materials and values. They have an eco beachwear line where the Bex Crochet Pant was created and they not only sell clothing, but clean bodycare too. Nightswim strives to care for their workers, produce responsibly and improve our environment one step at a time.


Source: ILIA

ILIA is all things beauty and it's got you covered for skincare too. Not only do they promote clean skincare and makeup but they have a goal to plant 1 million trees by the end of 2023. The company is 100% cruelty-free and is working with an initiative called Pact Collective where they invite customers to send in 10 empty beauty products per month - any brand - and they will break it down responsibly.

9. Knickey

Source: Knickey

Knickey is an organic cotton-wear underwear and bralette company that gives you "elevated intimates that you deserve". Good on You, the sustainable brand rating directory gave Knickey a great review and included them in their staff pick's. Their recycling program allows you to send in your rejects so they can be turned into new materials for carpet padding, insulation, and furniture bedding. The impact report from 2021 on their website breaks down all the initiatives they are taking to improve their products and practices to better the planet.

10. Virón

Source: Virón

Footwear brand, Virón has three values: for the planet, for the animals and for the people. They stand with PETA, use recyclable materials for their shoes, give back to their team who makes the shoes in Portugal. While using recyclable cardboard for their shipping boxes they also use 100% plastic free, chemical dye-free tape. They breakdown the future of leather by using apple skin food waste and use other leather substitutes.

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