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For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Issued Magazine will be supporting @tbtnfoundation. Take Back The Night Foundation is a non-profit that is working to shatter the silence and stand against sexual violence. Take Back The Night stands with people from all walks of life and supports these survivors in their healing journeys.

Their global mission is to end sexual violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and gender harassment by fostering safe communities through events and initiatives. Take Back The Night is the oldest worldwide movement to stand against sexual violence, and thanks to their work, individuals affected have access to sponsors and supporters as well as a hotline for cases.

Any amount you are able to give would go to the legal support hotline, global events, resources for survivors as well as online therapy. 100% of the profits from this Instagram Fundraiser will go directly to the Take Back The Night Foundation non-profit. The fundraiser will remain open from April 1st, 2023, to April 30th, 2023 on our @issuedmagazine Instagram page.


Take Back The Night Foundation has a variety of areas for fundraising for individuals who want to donate. Issued Magazine will be focusing on providing T-Shirts for the organization. If Issued Magazine reaches our goal of $100, we, as a community will be outfitting a TBNT Event with 10 T-shirts to showcase our support during a march or vigil.


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