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Whether it be Makeup By Mario or Pat McGrath Labs, we've all been privy to the growing market that is celebrity makeup artist beauty brands. It's hard to say no to a makeup savant telling you their product is the best because it likely has positive qualities. However, they often lack a certain it-factor that is exciting to people. While they are quality goods, they are nothing out of the ordinary.

This is certainly not the case for Isamaya Beauty. Isamaya Ffrench is a world-class makeup artist who has worked with multitudes of celebritiesRihanna, Bella Hadid, Madonna, and the list goes on and on. She served as Burberry Beauty's Global Beauty Director and is currently the Beauty Curator for Off-White. When she founded Isamaya Beauty in 2022, she made it her mission to incorporate not only everyday basic products but also editorial flashy makeup. Ffrench has successfully done this with her overall brand and with her new Industrial collection.

Source: @IsamayaBeauty

Her achievements have brought an influx of knowledge regarding the beauty industry, in addition to the more niche aspects of the makeup world. Her wisdom and familiarity with the esthetic business ultimately allowed her to grow such a successful brand. Although the British artist began her career in product design, her side hustle of face painting for children's parties ultimately led her to where she is now.

Ffrench's makeup brand, Isamaya Beauty, is a smash success. With products that range from highlighter to mascara, Isamaya is a well-rounded, quality company. Her products range in price but still deliver high-caliber results. All the more so, her makeup always has elements of quirkiness and fun. The new Industrial collection is a testament to this, with its bold colors and pigmented products.

Source: Isamaya Beauty

Made up of 6 makeup items, 3 t-shirts, and 2 jewelry pieces, this collection has an array of possibilities. The Industrial T-shirts ($95-$180) are all black, with edgy visuals displayed on the front. They match the packaging of Isamaya's usual products. The Industrial Earrings ($155) and Ring ($115) also match the product packaging, looking identical to the rings that stand out on their makeup. While these additional items are exciting, the makeup is what makes this collection stand out.

The Liplacq ($38) is a stunning glittery glaze that brightens the lips. It comes in 3 colorways, that look intense in the packaging. However, its subtle nature is what makes the gloss so appealing. From afar, one might think you are just wearing a chapstick, but after taking a closer look, there is a sheen that glows from within. Each color matches all skin tones and can be as nonchalant or bright as desired.

Source: @IsamayaBeauty

Vegan and cruelty-free, the Rubberlash ($39) is the ideal mascara for anyone looking to separate and lengthen their lashes. Filled with polymers and waxes, this product is guaranteed to last for over 16 hours. It is buildable depending on how thick one wants their mascara to be. For a more natural look, one just needs a few swipes to extend their lashes.

Featuring 14 new eyeshadow shades, the Industrial Colour Pigments ($115) offer a punk-rock dark shimmery eye look. The idea behind this palette stems from a craving to non-conform. One is meant to utilize it in whatever manner makes them feel beautiful. The Industrial Colour Pigments 2.0 ($115) was made in the same vein with only a slight difference in color. The 2.0 offers the same amount of eyeshadow but in lighter pastel colors. Each pallet presents different aesthetics that are universal to all.

Source: Isamaya Beauty

Described by Isamaya as "glass skin in a bottle," Skinlacq ($78) is a makeup-skincare hybrid. It can be applied over or under makeup to ensure a glowy finish to the skin. Worn without makeup, this product elevates and bounces one's natural complexion. Meant to be paired with the Skinlacq is the Browlacq ($32), a soap-like laminating gel that keeps eyebrows locked in place for hours. It provides a clean finish that doesn't clump or dry the brows. With it comes a fine comb that one can use to brush up fine hairs.

Whether or not loud makeup is something one prefers, there is no doubt that the Industrial collection has something to offer for all. Whether it be their sparkly eyeshadows or more muted face serum, one can use as little or as much of these products as they like to feel good. There is no correct way to utilize Isamaya Beauty's makeup— that's the beauty of it.

Source: Isamaya Beauty

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