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Architectural Digest's newest feature on iconic couple, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's home, is circulating the web. With its lavish size and warm undertones, the Beverly Hills house is sparking conversation regarding its stylistic choices. Crafted by world-renowned Interior Designer, Jake Arnold, this house was bound to be the talk of the town. His bold home style leads to positive feedback, but due to its out-there nature, can also spark some negative reactions.

Inevitably, people will have an opinion on different homes as everyone has their own unique style. This is certainly the case for people's responses to Teigen and Legend's massive property. Although mostly positive, there is certainly some negative backlash towards various rooms in the home. Luckily, Issued is here to unpack each room's designs so you don't have to.

Source: Architectural Digest

The tour began in the family living room where the couple showcased their semicircular beige couch. Its large size makes it easy for them to host dozens of guests, something they seem passionate about. It sits on a grey, swirly rug that opens up the space and gives it dimension. The room is simple while still having pops of color that keep it fun and alive.

Because the home has an open layout, the living room connects to the kitchen, giving a clear view of both when one walks in. The kitchen is grand, with cream and white marble embellishments on the walls and counters. Wooden light-brown cabinets accent the room and stand out against the coloring of the kitchen. It is clear that this kitchen is used often. With four ovens, microwaves, and a large surface area for cooking, Teigen was adamant that the kitchen be the centerpiece of the home.

Source: Architectural Digest

In the kitchen portion of the AD Tour, Teigen proudly says, "We are in the heartbeat of our home. Obviously, we spend so much time in here... Honestly, we have all four ovens going quite often." Her successful career as a chef and author of two major cookbooks, Cravings, pushed her to invest the most time into the kitchen. She knew it would be a space for her to cook, but also an area in which others would come together for holidays and impromptu dinners.

The next room they enter is an unconventional office that doubles as a music room and bar. There, Teigen and Legend store their various awards from Grammy to Oscars. The room has an apparent bronzy brown theme throughout. A gold cabinet with a built-in record player stands next to Legend's grand piano where he writes most of his music.

The tour takes a slight turn when they reach the dining room. Amidst the modern furniture that is scattered in their home is an olive-tree centerpiece. Its rustic look feels out of place in the contemporary-styled house. The space is neatly assembled and the addition of a tree in the middle throws off its balance. It is parallel to their dining room table which has the shape of an illustrious cement oval block. The juxtaposition of the tree and table is confusing to the eye.

Source: Architectural Digest

Their 7-year-old daughter, Luna, has a pink bedroom that echoes a little kid's dream vision of a palace. The layout feels confusing as there is a staircase and slide that leads to a ball pit at the entrance. It is slightly overwhelming and takes away from the actual living space of the room. Rather than looking like a bedroom, it has taken on the form of a playroom. Miles, their son, has a similar feeling room. Although it is jungle-themed, there is an overpowering playful feel that takes away from the cozy aura that is hidden in the space.

The powder room is covered head to toe in white marble stone. At first glance, it looks a bit like a hospital hallway. Because of the one-tonality of it, looking at this bathroom can be disorienting. However, their main family room which is just outside of it is spectacular. With hues of pink and green, plush couches and mushroom-shaped footrests lay invitingly in the space. This is a room that could host over 40 people while being comfortable and stylish.

Source: Architectural Digest

Teigen and Legend continue the tour in their backyard which overlooks green mountains. It has a seating area, pool, and playhouse for the kids. The dark brown playing area is symmetrical and uninviting, looking more like a building than a children's space. This creates a more stoic environment than an energetic one. The yard's save and grace is the fact that it is embedded into the Hollywood Hills, making for the perfect scenery.

While portions of this house tour were impressive and lively, there were others that didn't quite fit the bill. Various opinions have been expressed regarding Chrissy and John's home because of its gallant appearance. Having a spotlight from Architectural Digest is bound to initiate both good and bad conversations. Overall, one can see the beauty that is presented in this home. But it is safe to say that the chaos of themes throughout might have deterred the overall appearance.

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