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Trigger warning: the story below may contain triggering/and or sensitive material. Sexual assault, sexual violence, rape, masturbation, childhood sexuality, profanity, and abuse are some of the topics mentioned throughout. The below story is shared in hopes to raise awareness on sexual assault. Many victims and survivors feel that sharing their story, or even just portions of their story, has empowered them and has been a key part of their healing and activism. The following stories were shared by survivors of sexual assault on the Issued Team. The rawness and vulnerability in these narratives speak to the courage and strength of survivors on our team, and beyond. May these words encourage all of us to remain steadfast in the fight to end sexual violence.

I was on the train coming home from Downtown Brooklyn. I've taken the train all my life so nothing is new to me. I sit in one of the corner seats by myself. It is near the end of the train ride, there was only a couple of stops left and the cart I was sitting in is getting empty.

Before the door closed to the last stop, a man came on the train. After he came on the train I can feel him starring at me. As the train was moving, near the last stop. I see from the corner of my eye that this man was jerking off in the middle of the cart. I immediately got up and went to the next cart after.

In the next cart there were a few people but not a lot. Further more, I sat down in the middle of the cart where it's visible. The man followed me to the next cart and started walking down, but he bypassed me.

It was the last stop, I got off the train and walked as fast as I can. From behind me I hear a woman yelling, "This man has his dick out, what the fuck are you doing!". I never looked back and kept going forward on my way home.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, call 567-SHATTER for support from Take Back The Night Foundation National Sexual Assault Legal Hotline, available 24/7 so you can immediately connect with a real person ready to help.


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