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When we think of denim on denim, there's really only one correct answer for the image that comes to mind. And yes, it's Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards. The "Canadian tuxedo" was at one time a major fashion faux pas, and depending on who you ask, it still is. This trend is a tricky one to master, and the line between cute and cringy is very thin.

However, denim is also one of the most classic wardrobe materials that has become such a recognizable part of American culture. With such a deep connection to the material, it's no wonder that double denim is making the comeback that it is. Here are some tips on how to style denim on denim without going full Britney and Justin.

Source: People

Our first tip to achieve a supermodel chic double denim look is to take notes from Bella Hadid herself. The model chose to pair a denim corset top with baggy, low-rise jeans, creating a monochromatic silhouette with a lot of interest. By leaving the top unbuttoned at the bottom, she made a makeshift cutout that works to break up an otherwise sea of the same dark blue wash.

Paired with sunglasses and a white button-up shirt, this look is a prime example of how to use the same shade of denim in a way that's visually interesting. The overarching tip here is to experiment with different shapes and silhouettes when using denim pieces of the same color. The contrast of the tighter top with loose-fitting pants balances out the dark denim.

Source: British Vogue

If the monochromatic look isn't your thing, the best way to wear the trend is to use pieces with different washes, colors, or patterns. We love how the different shades of blue in this patchwork jean jacket adds dimension. Styling colored denim is an easy way to master the double denim look by adding a pop of color in a sea of blue.

Denim is considered to be a "neutral" material, and typically plays well with any color paired with it. Use this to your advantage by either accessorizing with color, wearing colored denim, or coordinating a makeup look around complementary colors in your outfit.

Source: Pinterest

You don't have to wear individual pieces to achieve the double denim look. Take the guesswork out of finding silhouettes and colors that you like by opting for a denim jumpsuit, like this one from The Frankie Shop. You might be asking yourself, how is this considered double denim? The answer is simple - it might be one piece, but this one in particular still has a distinct top and bottom section.

A denim jumpsuit like this one simplifies the denim on denim look in a way that makes the wearer look effortless. Depending on how it's accessorized, this look can be elevated for a night out, or kept casual as we see on the model.

Source: The Frankie Shop

Double denim might not be for everyone, and we're OK with that. If you're ready to rock the Canadian tuxedo for the summer months, we hope these tips make your styling a little simpler.

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