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If you haven’t thought about Barbies since you were young, there is a good chance they will be on your mind again soon. Following last season’s soiree with hot pink (remember Valentino Pink PP?) and the Barbie movie hitting theaters soon, Barbie has become the newest and biggest style muse.

Barbiecore is the trend on everyone’s minds. The gentler version of its older sister Bimbocore, Barbiecore is all about femininity, hot pink hues, and the highest heels possible. The trend originated last year when the first stills of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie were released, which perfectly aligned with the sea of hot pink on runways. With Barbiecore being amped up again this season, here’s how you can embody the trend!

All Things Hot Pink

Source: People and Elle

With Barbie’s love of pink, it only makes sense that a Barbiecore look would include the color. Wearing hot pink, especially in monochromatic looks, is one of the best ways to embody this trend. Celebrities all over, including Lizzo and Gigi Hadid, have embraced Barbiecore in monochromatic pink looks from Valentino. Bonus points if it is a more bold and striking hue like Valentino Pink!

Major Accessories

Source: Yahoo and Capital FM

One of the most important elements of Barbiecore is the accessories. In the trailer of Barbie, Margot Robbie, who plays Barbie herself, is never seen without an abundance of accessories. Whether it is bold earrings, large hats, purses, or marvelous sunglasses, the best way to channel your inner Barbie is to load up on glamorous accessories. Ariana Grande's take on Barbiecore featured a prominent pearl necklace and hat, two accessories that would be right at home on a Barbie doll.

Mini Purses

Source: PurseBlog and Who What Wear

While the jewelry, sunglasses, and headwear are big, the bags are small. The Valentino Pink PP runway was flooded with tiny, hot pink handbags, and when celebrities like Anne Hathaway channel their inner Barbie, they often opt for smaller purses. This is one of the areas that show the intersection of Barbiecore and Y2K trends. The early 2000s were dominated by small shoulder bags, which are also prominent players in the Barbiecore universe. So, when you are channeling Barbie, you may want to put aside the totes and bigger styles and instead opt for a Baguette bag or tiny shoulder bag.

Extravagant High Heels

Source: People and Just Jared

Barbie would not be Barbie without stunning heels. One of the opening shots of the Barbie movie trailer features Margot Robbie stepping out of a pair of feathery, pink heels. The close-up on the shoe serves as perfect Barbiecore inspo. When Sabrina Carpenter attended Spotify’s Best New Artist Party earlier this year, she was decked in full Barbie-esque glam. She completed the look with sky-high baby pink platform heels, the perfect addition to the outfit. So if you are recreating Barbiecore at home, your philosophy concerning shoes should be the more extravagant the better!

A Barbie-Worthy Attitude

The most important part of the Barbiecore trend is that it goes beyond just what you are wearing. In a Barbie styling video, TikToker Angela Mariano discusses the ethos of Barbie and how that plays a role in the trend. Barbie, as a character, was greatly underestimated for being feminine and dressing up. This mindset is what leads girls to think they should separate themselves from girlishness as they grow up. By embracing this frilly, pink aesthetic and embodying a character who is unabashedly feminine, people are choosing to reject the notion that femininity is weak or childish. The Barbie attitude, as best exemplified on the movie’s promotional posters, is all about believing that women are capable of anything, even when they are wearing fuzzy high heels.

While Barbiecore is about looking pretty and embracing exuberance, it is also a reaction to a world that typically rejects those things. So if you are planning on taking part in the trend, make sure to come prepared with hot pink clothing, an abundance of accessories, your most extravagant high heels, and the right attitude to match!

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