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Source: Harper's Bazaar

There is no doubt that Hailey Bieber has made a name for herself as one of the most-in-demand models of the present, with her appearances in advertisements for companies such as Versace, Miu Miu, and Saint Laurent. Apart from this, she entered the beauty industry last year with the launch of her skin-care brand, Rhode, adding yet another achievement to her career. Due to this, everyone wants to appear to her; therefore, if you want to be like her, stop for a few minutes to absorb the model's ultimate skin-care secrets to have dewy, glowing skin for summer.

Why should we look out for her advice? Because she grew up in a home where her mother and grandmother constantly discussed creams and beauty products, therefore she was raised with the idea of caring for her skin. But the time when she indeed became aware of the need to take care of her skin was when I was a teenager. Once she had 15, she started developing more of a regimen and had the patience to explore what worked best for her. And, of course, because she is our favorite 'it' girl!

Less is More

She clarified that little is more, and her new beauty brand, Rhode, adheres to that philosophy. She advises using a select few products that are both healthful for you and excellent at hydrating with straightforward, powerful ingredients. She began to comprehend all of this when she started modeling at 17, constantly travelling while working with various individuals in the beauty industry as makeup artists, aestheticians, and facialists. There she picked up skills to refine her personal skin-care ethos. She realized she could no longer live without a fantastic moisturizer, moisturizing serum, and lip balm after realizing how her skin used to become so agitated when she moved around.

Source: Rhode

Find What Works Best for You

According to Hailey, a person's skin represents her inner feelings. She advises paying attention to your body because it will tell you what it loves and doesn't. She doesn't follow a particular diet but knows the value of eating well and why it's essential for the skin. We don't need to compare bodies as they are all unique. You will reflect all the goodness within yourself if you figure out what makes you happy and works best for you.

Be Gentle With Your Skin

Hailey had believed that treating her skin harshly and drying it out would prevent breakouts. Yet it isn't. She unmistakably understood that she needed to treat her skin with the utmost gentleness. Consider it to be infant skin. She advises being gentle at first and working your way up if you want to switch to more potent products.

Hydration is Everything

Hailey makes the point that staying hydrated is essential. She finds it quite difficult to drink the required amount of water, despite being aware of the necessity to be as hydrated as possible. She observed that one of the most prevalent myths is that individuals believe they don't need to moisturize if they don't have oily skin. Everyone should hydrate their skin since it is necessary. Finding cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type is essential.

You may have heard these suggestions before, but if you want to listen to them again, here they are. Sometimes, especially if an 'it' girl is saying it to us, we need to read what we already know again before we can begin to apply it. She is aware of what she is saying and that many people going through a difficult period as the summer approaches will benefit from it. Therefore, stop wasting your time with other tips and follow Hailey's if you desire perfect skin.

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