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Gwyneth Paltrow broke the internet during her recent appearance in court, winning a whopping $1 from a jury who found her to be not at fault for a 2016 ski crash. The media covered every second of the trial, but a special focus was placed on the outfits she wore for its duration. To the untrained eye, Paltrow took on a minimalist appearance that seemed to eschew any notion about the wellness guru's massive wealth. However, the labels behind her modest clothing choices show that there was a lot more than what meets the eye.

Simply put, Paltrow gave us all a lesson in the new phenomenon of "quiet luxury" - high quality investment pieces from luxury brands that forego logos or other flashy indicators of the brand's prestige or the wearer's wealth. This trend takes a minimalist approach to high fashion by driving designer purchases from statement bags to unbranded elevated basics that leave onlookers wondering how much that green jacket actually cost.

Let's take a look at some of the iconic pieces sported by Paltrow during the trial, and how they play into the newest craze in luxury fashion.

Source: Elle

One of the most iconic looks sported by Paltrow during the trial was this olive green trench coat. Shortly after these photos were snapped, this trench from The Row quickly sold out. With a price point sitting at over $3,500, this coat epitomizes the ideas surrounding quiet luxury.

The actress paired the pricey frock with a pair of tan Celine boots that currently retail for $1,200. Not a single brand definer is in sight on this outfit, foregoing the logomania craze that previously dominated the industry.

Source: GQ

This grey suit is fabulous, but that's not the piece we're paying attention to. Take a closer look at Paltrow's necklace, which is sold on the Goop website for a whopping $25,000. Although this necklace is definitely a statement piece, the lack of brand-defining logos and high price point still allow it to fall under the umbrella of quiet luxury.

The necklace, produced by FoundRae, is advertised to be an heirloom piece, fitting into the quiet luxury tenet of purchasing timeless pieces that are meant to last. Coupled with the simplicity of her suit set, this well-tailored look transcends the trend cycle.

Source: SCMP

Another day in court means another slay in court, courtesy of Paltrow's own clothing brand, G. Label. This belted cardigan is one of the cheaper items sported by the actress, retailing on the Goop website for $595. Cardigans are a mainstay wardrobe essential, and this one in particular is built to last. Made of 100% cashmere and produced in Italy, this sweater may look simple, but the high quality material screams quiet luxury.

Paltrow completed the look with a vintage Celine bag, tapping into designs of the past to create an ensemble that feels modern without being overly trendy or buying into a short-lived aesthetic. The chunky gold jewelry she wears might be trendy in its own right, but these expertly crafted pieces are meant to be a jewelry box necessity for years to come.

It's no secret that the Oscar-winning actress is a fashion icon both in and out of the courtroom. Paltrow used the tenets of quiet luxury to dress to impress the jury by keeping her style professional and timeless, without easily recognizable displays of wealth. Did her style help her case? We'll leave that for you to decide. In the meantime, we can appreciate Paltrow's fabulously neutral wardrobe for showing us that true luxury really is quiet.

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