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Angela Bassett is one of the most iconic black actresses in cinematic history. She has received many accolades for her films, but she never received the one award that everyone knows that she deserves. She never received an Oscar. On June 27th, it was announced that Angela Bassett will receive an honorary oscar at the 2023 Governors Awards. As much as this is a great honor for her, everyone knows that she deserves much more than an honorary award.

Bassett has been in the entertainment industry for 40 years, and she's always given herself with her talent in acting. Movies such as What's Love Got To Do With It, Waiting to Exhale, Akeelah and the Bee, Black Panther, and her recent and best performance, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. There's was never a movie that she didn't deliver. Bassett has received awards such as Best Actress for BET, Outstanding Actress for the NAACP Awards, and Best Supporting Actress for the Golden Globe Awards. Bassett never received one oscar.

In 1994, Bassett received an Oscar nomination for What's Love Got To Do With It when as Tina Turner. She gave a performance of a lifetime with this role. This role also gave Bassett her acting debut, and the world would never forget who she is. When she didn't receive this Oscar, this did came as a shock to a lot of her fans. This was the start of Bassett getting ripped off.

Source: Instagram

As it was just announced that Bassett will receive a honorary oscar, there is a volume of disappointment from her fans. Fans can agree that she deserves much more than an honorary award, because she has contributed and paved the way for other African American actresses in past and future generations. She has played characters that made us laugh, cry, and reflect on life itself. We can tell that she doesn't do this because of the money, but every role that she plays shows her true love for acting. For Bassett to be given an honorary Oscar is a slap in her face.

Bassett has set high standards in the acting industry. From her balance with comedy and drama, to playing real life characters such as Tina Turner, Katherine Jackson, and Coretta Scott King, we can see that an honorary Oscar just wouldn't satisfy. As she continues to give her all in every role she does, she doesn't deserve an honorary Oscar. She deserves the real deal, because she is the real deal.

The intentions of giving people an honorary award/recognition is an alibi for not getting the real recognition. The real reason she is getting an honorary Oscar is because her fans have been complaining about her not getting the Oscar in March. Bassett continues to strive for greatness at the age of 64, and we can see that she's not stopping now. That's why she deserves an Oscar, because no matter what, she will never stop.

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