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Ah, February, the month of love. For some a month filled with romantic activities with their significant others, but for many, it is a month binging romantic movies on the couch living vicariously with a box of chocolates. I would like to say that my Valentine's day fit into one of these categories, but the truth is it was neither here nor there.

I think this is the first time ever in my life that I never even blinked twice wondering what Valentine's day had in store for me. I simply didn't allow it to be an end all be all day that so many of us make it out to be when we have no one to share it with. If I didn't know any better, it was just another day in the year.

This year, I have really devoted a lot of time and energy into the concept of self care and self love and how these ideas resonate with me. I found that giving myself small goals that are attainable and always fit into my schedule, allow me to make my self care routine something I can easily prioritize daily.

I always start my day off with a quick yoga routine, nothing crazy just some light stretching to start off the day with a stable and clear mind. I then eat some breakfast, typically a bowl of oatmeal and then head to the gym with my friend Amber. It being Valentine's day, Amber couldn't make our morning gym session, so I went by myself. Post workout I usually head home and start working, but I actually had taken the day off to relax and focus on myself. With that in mind, watch my full self care routine here on YouTube.

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