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Scandinavian powerhouse, Ganni, and underwear savant, Parade, have joined forces to create a lingerie collection. The collection so beautifully incorporates Ganni's boisterous patterns and colors into perfectly crafted Parade undergarments. The cherry on top: the entire collection is sustainable and size-inclusive.

Ganni, known for its wearable and fun clothing, usually uses a floral or robust pattern. This collection is no different, taking inspiration from their classic leopard and floral prints that they became successful in. However, now these patterns have been revamped with new colors and added elements.

Source: Parade

If you have Instagram, then you've likely seen someone dawning a pair of Parade underwear– it's everywhere. With its range of options and obvious comfort, Parade is a known pro in its trade. And best of all, Parade is notorious for its ethical practices and ethos. Made with 95% recycled materials, Parade successfully adheres to sustainable practices. Combining the artistry of Ganni and the practicality of Parade has made for an incredible collection.

Both brands discovered each other, recognizing each other's unique strengths to create exceptional pieces. This collaboration comes to life in the six items featured in the collection. For Ganni, teaming up with Parade was an opportunity to reinforce their core values of inclusivity and equality, making the partnership even more meaningful.

Source: @Parade

When asked about the collection, the Creative Director of Ganni, Ditte Reffstrup, said "Parade has revolutionized the way people view and experience underwear, and together we wanted to create a fun and freeing collection of pieces. With this collection, we wanted to celebrate individuality and for our community to have fun with it. It’s dressing for yourself and no-one else."

For Parade, the idea of collaborating with a creative enterprise like Ganni meant pushing boundaries in new imaginative ways. CEO of Parade, Cami Téllez, loved Ganni's ideas of self-expression through whimsical looks and color. In an interview with Style Caster, she said "We’re overjoyed to be celebrating limitless color, fun and the power of being who you are today."

With sizes ranging from XS-3XL, there is an option in this collection for every body. The notion that someone might not be able to fit into a brand's clothing is nonexistent for Parade. This is evident in all of their products, and all the more so in this collection. From bras to underwear, people of every size can shop these looks.

Source: Parade

The collection consists of a bodysuit, bras, and underwear. With the limits of a small collection, both brands managed to pull out all the stops for these few pieces. The items range from $22-$95, although Parade often surprises customers with flash sales that bump down the price. It was important for both companies to create pieces that are accessible to all, both in wearability and pricing.

The standout item in the collection is the vibrant Catsuit ($95) in a patchwork print of Ganni's notable patterns. It is skin-tight and makes a statement in any outfit. Although it is slightly mesh, one can wear any of the collection's undergarments to enhance the look. The underwear and bras of the collection are stunningly busy while still having elements of daintiness.

The Satin Lace-Up underwear ($30) comes in two colorways: green and pink. The green pair has a blend of the infamous Ganni jaguar print and satin fabric. On it is an embroidered heart with both brands' logos surrounding it. The pink pair has the floral print seen in the collection with the same satin in the green underwear. Both pairs have a satin string that ties the back into an intricate bow. If the satin pair feels too elaborate, there is also the plain mesh High Rise Cheeky ($24) underwear.

Source: Parade

The bras in the collection take a similar approach to the underwear: light and fun. In the same patterns and fabrics seen throughout the collection, the Triangle Bralette ($50) acts as a comfortable alternative to one's usual constricting bra. Ranging in sizes, every person can feel good wearing this bralette under a top or even as one.

Overall, this collection's items immaculately combine comfort and intricate patterns. All the more so, it creates a space where each individual can feel included, both in size and expression. The sustainable practices used elevate the concept of this collection and make it more appealing. With pieces and sizes still available, the Ganni x Parade collaboration is worthwhile to purchase.

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