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Innovation can be found in all corners of the fashion industry if you know where to look, but it's time to stop keeping these hidden gems a secret. We're obsessed with these five brands that are pushing the boundaries of creativity to create not just fashion, but art.

1. Subsurface

Based in Los Angeles, Subsurface is revolutionizing womenswear by creating empowering statement pieces using consciously-sourced materials. Dedicated to sustainability, their circularity program allows customers to send back their garments at the end of their life cycle to be stripped down to their natural fibers and transformed into a new piece. The brand's dreamy and ethereal collection is characterized by freshwater pearls, super sheer materials, and delicate knitwear. One such item, The Liquid Slip, has begun to make its rounds on TikTok for its pearlescent sheen and water-like texture.

Source: Subsurface

2. weiræn

Seen on celebs like Chloe Cherry and Julia Fox, weiræn specializes in bending the laws of gravity with their sculptural creations mimicking the flow of water and liquid metal. This high-tech clothing utilizes techniques like 3-D rendering to create futuristic and extravagant works of art. Impeccable construction combined with the usage of unconventional materials like plastic and metal gives each piece an organic feel while still pushing the limits of what fashion technology has to offer. Their Spring/Summer 2023 collection, "Speculative Ecosystems," beautifully illustrates the harmony between the natural world and the mechanical world.


3. Kwame Adusei

Elevated basics and unifying cultural elements make Kwame Adusei clothing stand out in a crowd. Originally from Ghana, Nana Kwame Adusei has been crafting sophisticated luxury clothing for over a decade before launching her own brand in 2021. Who said basics had to be boring? Adusei has completely reinvented all of our favorite closet staples, from the classic blazer to the little black dress. Kwame Adusei takes everyday streetwear to the next level through precise attention to detail and an expertise in tailoring, creating elegant garments for the modern woman.

Source: Kwame Adusei

4. Cup of Stars

With exceptionally named collections like Amazonia, Juicy Fairy, and Wild Disco, it's no surprise to hear that Cup of Stars creates daring looks for the woman who isn't afraid to express herself. Featuring bright colors, carefully curated aesthetics, and fabric that's safe for sensitive skin, this brand aims to inspire confidence. Classic design elements merge with futuristic silhouettes, giving us everything from reimagined retro throwbacks to edgy club attire. The versatility in style that Cup of Stars has to offer means that there really is something for everyone.

Source: Cup of Stars

5. Noir Kei Ninomiya

For the visionary behind Noir Kei Ninomiya, black is the new black. Easily recognized by larger-than-life gowns, miles of ruffles, and a flair for the dramatic, designer Kei Ninomiya never seems to run out of ideas. His Spring 2023 collection, showcased at Paris Fashion Week, paid homage to the dark shade with harness detailing, tufts of material appearing to be suspended in midair, and bright pops of neon that immediately grabbed our attention. His controlled yet wild creativity is an innovation within itself, making strong statements on the runway.

Source: Noir Kei Ninomiya

From streetwear to haute couture, innovative fashion comes in many different forms. Whether you're looking to elevate your daily look or keeping an eye on the world of high fashion, these five brands make a bold statement in their respective niches.

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