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For months now, the fashion world has been abuzz with news of the collaboration between affordable retail giant H&M and luxury fashion house Mugler. The full collection is set to drop on May 11, lookbook and pricing information were released at the beginning of April. However, it all started with a music video.

Check it out:

H&M is no stranger to designer collaborations, having worked with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Balmain, and Versace in years past. These capsule collections make luxury fashion much more accessible to the average consumer, and incredibly unique in a market where prices are rising astronomically. This collection in particular, designed by Creative Director, Casey Cadwallader, brings the absolute best of Mugler's house codes to customers wanting the designer look without the hefty price tag.

According to Cadwallader, “This collection is a watershed moment for the house of Mugler – a chance for us to celebrate our history and the pieces that are beloved today. The collaboration includes many of our signatures, from catsuits and bodycon dresses to tailored, denim and beautiful, bold jewelry and accessories.”

Let's take a look at a few of our most anticipated looks from this collection, and what makes Cadwallader's vision for Mugler so special.

Source: Cosmopolitan

This corseted blazer is instantly recognizable as a Mugler piece. The padded shoulders, the cinched waist, and the bold cutouts all make this jacket a much more wearable version of the Mugler we see on the runway. With a roughly $250 price tag, the garment runs significantly cheaper than a piece directly from the designer, but still costs a pretty penny.

Cadwallader said in an interview with GQ that a lot of effort was put into the collection to make it more approachable for the consumer by revamping archival pieces in a less intimidating way. He definitely succeeded. This theme is represented throughout the entire collection, and we can clearly see the inspiration stemming from Mugler's most iconic looks throughout the years.

Source: Male Model Scene

What really makes this collection special is the very rare inclusion of menswear. Mugler may have nailed their sexy and avant-garde womenswear, but the brand has only dabbled in menswear as recently as 2013. Through H&M, we can see a clear vision of the Mugler man: he is sharply dressed, well-tailored, and unafraid to make a fashion statement.

Cadwallader doesn't hold back in menswear, either. The line features primarily leather and denim looks centered around office wear like trousers and blazers. Recognizable brand codes like pronounced shoulders and a nipped-in waist are still present, but expertly reimagined for the male form. This jean jacket still feels very masculine despite referencing silhouettes that are typically applied to the brand's womenswear.

Source: H&M

The cherry on top of this collaboration isn't the lookbook, or even the initial music video. Last night, music, fashion, and entertainment all met under one roof in New York City for a star-studded night of performance and style. Mugler icons such as Pamela Anderson, Chloe Sevigny, and Charli XCX were all seen in attendance, dressed to the nines of course.

According to a press release from H&M, "The event was curated as a special hybrid, bringing together sound, style, live performance, club culture and dance, all while nodding to the theatricality and flamboyance that has been a signature of the house from its inception under Thierry Mugler through to its current incarnation under the direction of Casey Cadwallader. With over 800 guests in attendance, the event encapsulated the sense of diversity and inclusivity that is central to Mugler and that underpins the democratic ethos of the H&M designer collaborations."

View the full runway collection here:

Source: H&M

We only have one complaint with this collection, besides it not being in our closets right now. The accessories line is beautifully gender-fluid and diverse, ranging from mesh gloves to jewelry and bags. What we're focused on is the belt, and we know you know which one we're talking about. In case you missed it, the meme-worthy accessory is on fully display here.

Source: Highsnobiety

Does it remind anyone else of that episode of Spongebob? It certainly reminded social media, who have likened it to a clip from the children's cartoon. We're not going to lie, we see the similarities. Maybe try saving this piece for a Halloween costume.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

All jokes aside, H&M and Mugler are putting forth a massive effort to democratize luxury fashion and make designer goods more accessible for us. By taking recognizable brand iconography and converting it into more wearable everyday pieces. Mugler's meteoric rise in recent years is now fully solidified, making them a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

BRB, we'll be setting a calendar reminder for May 11.

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