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Singer Dua Lipa has long-since appeared as a friend and muse of Donatella Versace and the Versace brand. In late May at a villa in Cannes, they took their partnership to a new level by unveiling a collaboration collection titled "La Vacanza." Along with the collection and campaign shots, the duo filmed a mini documentary detailing the making of La Vacanza and the friendship behind it all.

Lipa is no stranger to the fashion world. She first wore Versace for her performance at the Brit Awards in 2018, and this began a long partnership with the brand. In the following years, she stunned on every red carpet from the Met Gala to the Grammys in Versace. For this reason, people have been waiting patiently for the day they'd make their professional relationship official with a collaboration. And the day has finally come.

Source: Vogue Runway

Presented poolside, the designs ranged from Y2K-inspired mini dresses and platforms to homages to past Versace collections to glamorous beachwear. Butterfly motifs were very present throughout the collaboration, something that Gianni Versace first introduced to the brand in the 90s. The use of butterflies both symbolized early Versace and allowed Donatella to honor her brother.

Even at first glance, these pieces scream "summer." This was a conscious choice made by the design duo. Donatella shared, "I love the summer, and for me, this collection celebrates the very best of that time of year. Gorgeous colors, fun prints, and light silhouettes." Lipa echoed this sentiment, explaining that the design process was heavily influenced by their shared love of summer clothing.

Despite the newness of the collaboration, it is already being recognized. It has been called "summer's hottest fashion drop," and notable celebrities are already catching on. Taylor Swift took the stage of her record-breaking Eras Tour wearing a necklace from the collection just days after its release. Donatella took to Instagram to share the feat, saying "La Vacanza is already on stage, @dualipa!"

Source: Vogue Runway

After years of friendship between Dua Lipa and Donatella Versace, the glorious collaboration is finally here! Lipa confirmed her passion for the project saying, "Working on this collection was a dream, period!" What began as the singer sketching designs to send to Donatella has become one of the most glamorous shows of the season. And if the early success of this collab is anything to go by, this is likely just the beginning of Lipa's soiree with fashion!

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