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Di Petsa had their RTW Fall 2023 show at London Fashion Week and came with nothing but authenticity and desire. The Greek designer was inspired by the goddess of the underworld, Persephone, with ‘wet looks’ and an extravagant collection of divine pieces.

Source: WWD

Each piece was incomparable to another and a wide range of models were featured throughout the entire show. Di Petsa’s pieces are designed so elegantly that it embraces the immortal energy of the collection and looks effortless.

Wistful and earthy textiles made a prominent mark in their RTW line. Every piece was designed with the utmost veracity as the models walked alluringly down the runway.

Source: WWD

Not only were pregnant models present, but two adorable young children were dressed in Di Petra’s beautiful violet cloaks while making a brief appearance.

The abstraction and artwork in their pieces are distinctive from anything else in the fashion industry because of how they choose to idolize expecting mothers and make them goddess-like. Their beauty and divineness exudes the purity of motherhood. The draping's that are dressed on the mothers capture the essence of their enchanting silhouettes.

Silky cut-outs, ordinary objects as accessories, and the embodiment of goddesses were all recurring themes in Di Petsa’s show. The label is known to change the form-fitting image of the runway and continues to break the rules when it comes to what models, techniques, and visionaries they use for each of their collections.

Source: WWD

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