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When it comes to reading all genres of literature, readers are always looking for the next best thing. Whether it's a story that makes us swoon, or to keep us on our toes, readers in this generation will always look for what they desire in literature. When it comes to Colleen Hoover, she is the author that does it all. From keeping readers intrigued with the story, to sharing real life situations through the eyes of the characters, her books makes her CoHort fans ready for more.

In her recent interview with the TODAY Show, Hoover always knew that she wanted to learn to read and write in her childhood. When she started school at five, she was excited to learn how to read and write, so that she can start writing her stories. As time goes by, she went to college for journalism, but because she was a wife and mother at a young age, she changed her career path to social work to provide for her family. At 31, she started to write again for fun. Eventually, her stories became books, and her writing career took off tremendously in 2012, where she self-published SLAMMED.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

As she became an bestselling author, many readers have expressed their opinions on her books. Some say that she's unhinged with her stories, and how it can get raw. One of the main keywords that would describe some of her books are, rushed, unhinged, and creepy. She's had a share of good and bad reviews of all her books, yet she still remains as one of the bestselling authors in our time.

Other books she's written such as It Ends With Us (which will now be a film), It Starts With Us, Verity, Reminders of Him, All Your Perfects, has become worldwide phenomenons for this generation. As book readers on TikTok start a trend called, #BookTok, where readers highlight their favorite books, and Hoover was the hottest trend on #BookTok. As readers highlight Hoover's best work on #BookTok, Hoover gains her title of New York Times Bestselling Author in 2022. She was even named one of the 100 most influential people on TIME Magazine in 2023.

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As she continues to write, she expresses that writing is her therapy. She never writes for money or the accolades, but she writes as joyful fuflliment in her life. As she continues to climb the Bestselling Authors list, her CoHorts are eager to see what Hoover has in store. The fact that she writes for joy and therapy, is the reason why Colleen Hoover is one of the greatest authors in our generation.

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