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Coach released its new diffusion line last weekend— Coachtopia. This is a more sustainable line that shoots for fully circular fashion. They have bags, apparel, and accessories, all featuring recycled or sustainable materials. Coachtopia is marketed specifically to Generation Z, with a diverse community of influencers promoting the line under the title "Coachtopians."

Source: Coach

Some of their designs were created in collaboration with a New York City based illustrator named Sabrina Lau. This is their first collaboration, but they're already advertising that there's more to come. This iniative is part of their promise to create the diverse community of Coachtopians.

The release of this line shows that Coach is still up to the task of connecting with the younger consumer. In the past few years, the brand has drastically expanded their target demographic without losing their previous customers. Coachtopia takes this rebrand to a whole new level, thrusting the brand even further into relevance with the younger generation.

Source: Coach

The products themselves are to die for. They've released bags that can be paired with various chains and charms to customize to the wearer's liking. The custom bag options make it possible for anyone to remain unique and true to themselves, which is the very concept behind the brand.

Most of the items from their first drop have already sold out on their website. Seeing massive success in their early days shows that a lot of thought was put into the line, and all of this forethought instantly paid off. Coach's ability to constantly evolve in order to remain current is one of the things that has kept their brand relevant and interesting to follow. The consumer truly never knows what they're planning next.

Source: Coach

While this is not Coach's first foray into sustainability, the promise of the Coachtopia line being fully circular is an exciting prospect. Upcycling bags is also a very smart concept on Coach's part. Upcycling is one of the largest sustainability trends and Coach properly capitalized on that without straying from their brand's DNA.

Coachtopia is a very fresh and individualized take on sustainability. Coach stayed true to themselves by offering customization options for the bags. This diffusion line shows immense promise, and I can't wait to see what they have in store next.

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