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Coach's dedication to social responsibility goes beyond the world of fashion, which is evident in their influential "Dream It Real" program and Coachtopia's sustainable practices. The brand's commitment to fostering dreams is not only reflected in its philanthropic endeavors but also in its environmentally conscious approach. By incorporating recycled materials to minimize waste, Coach sets a commendable standard at the intersection of style, philanthropy, and ecological mindfulness. In an industry where many fashion brands are still lagging, Coach has taken a bold initiative, establishing new benchmarks for sustainability and paving the way for a more responsible and conscientious industry. By being a brand that genuinely cares about both people and the planet, Coach emerges as a trailblazer, inspiring others to follow suit in the pursuit of a better, more sustainable future.

The Dream It Real Program

Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Coach Foundation's "Dream It Real" program, Coach showcased its commitment to transformative education support for young students. In a recent report, Coach highlighted its flexible approach, surpassing its goal of awarding 5,000 scholarships by 2025.

The social impact report reveals that Coach has awarded an impressive 5,279 scholarships to students, surpassing its goal of distributing 5,000 scholarships by 2025. The brand has assisted over 170,000 students through the initiative, launching eight programs globally. Additionally, 250 college students have been paired with Coach and Tapestry mentors, and approximately $40 million worth of products have been donated to various causes.

Source: Coach

Nearly 90 percent of "Dream It Real" scholars are first-generation college students, resonating with Coach's CEO Todd Kahn, who shares a similar background. The program aims to break barriers in underserved communities by offering mentorship and increasing the chances of success for those lacking support networks.

Todd Kahn, reflecting on Coach's purpose and the "Courage to Be Real," highlighted the authenticity ingrained in the brand. The report underlines Coach's commitment to timeless fashion, portraying the company as not just fashionable but also enduring. The emphasis on inspiring a younger consumer aligns with Coach's dedication to staying relevant and authentic.


Not only does Coach have the “Dream It Real” program, but in April the brand will celebrate the one year anniversary of Coachtopia, a spinoff brand focusing on circular craft. Coach's Made Circular™ design philosophy contributes to sustainable fashion by leveraging over 80 years of leather expertise to reimagine waste as a valuable raw material. Crafting products from recycled, repurposed, or renewable materials, Coach prioritizes circular practices to minimize environmental impact.

This approach by Coach not only reduces the demand for new resources but also minimizes the environmental footprint associated with traditional manufacturing. By repurposing materials and creating a clear cycle of reuse and recycling, Coach's Made Circular™ design philosophy significantly contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry.

Source: Coach

Coach's philanthropic initiatives extend far beyond the provision of scholarships, showcasing the brand's unwavering commitment to the principles of timeless fashion and its dedication to inspiring a younger consumer base. As the brand looks ahead, Coach has outlined a strategic plan to persistently channel its efforts towards education and youth empowerment. This forward-looking approach not only underscores Coach's steadfast commitment to making a positive impact but also serves as a testament to its vision for creating lasting change. The brand envisions reaching new charitable milestones in the years to come, demonstrating a structured and purposeful trajectory toward continued social responsibility and meaningful contributions to the community.


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