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Beauty brand Clinique is teaming up with Kate Spade to present their Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss with a unique twist. The two share a mutual love for vibrant colors and experimentation with new styles. The brand's collaboration with Kate Spade will provide patterned packaging on different styles of lip products, including florals, polka dots, kisses, and stripes. Clinique is using their first-time partnership to embrace the joy Kate Spade's brand embodies with bold lip colors. The collection will come in four different shades, including one that broke the Internet earlier this year.

VP of Global Product Marketing at Clinique, Mindy Troutman, says, "This new collaboration serves as an incredible opportunity for long-standing fans of both brands to experience a fresh, lively take on our Pop Plush Glosses just in time for summer."

Clinique has recently gone viral on social media with their Black Honey lip balm, which rejuvenates lips while giving a rich shine. The new partnered collection will include this sensational balm in Juicy Apple, Rosewater, and Air Kiss.

The collection will be available on Clinique's website and in select Macy's and Belks.

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