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Fashion fiends had a busy day on July 5th as they anxiously refreshed their computers for the long-awaited Cecilie Bahnsen x Asics collaboration. The girly fashion house came together with the sporty Japanese brand to create a wearable couture sneaker. The shoe did not go unnoticed by sneaker fanatics during its debut in February at the Bahnsen Spring/Summer 2023 show. With a limited quantity of 50 pairs, the shoes sold out in just 2 minutes. But this month, the opportunity to indulge became available once again.

The original ASICS GT-2160 shoe is a runner's dream– airy, supportive, and not all that bad looking. Having been around since 2011, this tennis shoe is tried and tested for active summer festivities. However, the shoe is lacking a certain feminine and ethereal edge that could appeal to a whole new set of people. To our amazement, the Bahnsen collab beautifully fixes this slight technical difficulty.

Cecilie Bahnsen, the Denmark-native designer, is an expert in her field and known for wild silhouettes, stunning ruching, and comfortable couture. One can spot a Cecilie Bahnsen dress from a mile away because of her distinct style. She has the ability to transport people into another universe, giving life to what was once just a piece of fabric. This is no different for her Asics collaboration.

Available in 2 colorways, white and black, the Bahnsen GEL-Nimbus 9 Ripstop trainers are magnificent in their craft. Upon first glance, one can notice the lack of a tongue on the shoe. In its place is a horizontal velcro strap that acts as a belt and fashion statement. This is what gives the shoe a Mary Jane look. Shaped as a morphed flower in an understated silver or black tone, one is immediately drawn to the peculiar look of the strap. Under it lies open space for the foot to breathe. Adorned with a small bow that acts as an embellishment, one can tell that this is not an ordinary sneaker.

The sole of the shoe stays true to the original Asics design with a chunky base and simple white or black color. With the classically lined Asics logo on the side of the shoe, one might pass these sneakers and not notice a thing. But Cecilie Bahnsen ensures this does not happen. Along the entire mesh surface of the shoes are squiggly adornments of a more prominent white or black. This adds a whimsical element that is clear in all of Bahnsen's collections. Pops of silver appear throughout the shoe, unifying the unsimple design.

This collaboration bridges couture and sportswear in a remarkable way. One can go on their morning run and throw on their clothes after without batting an eye. This shoe is a constant– wearable in any way someone could want. Often paired with lavished socks, the Ripstops gleam and stand out in a way couture pieces usually do. This is a rarity, as elegant shoes are usually unaffiliated with tennis shoes. Whether paired with leggings or a boisterous dress, these sneakers are becoming the it shoe for all occasions.

When Bahnsen describes her usual collections, she emphasizes the importance of comfort and movement in each piece. This is no different for the Asics collaboration. Her first condition was creating a piece that felt wearable and practical for everyday life. But just as important as that is, she wanted "to have the same love for craft and details and femininity" when thinking about the structure of the shoe. With the Asics collection, the juxtaposition that usually occurs between comfort and couture instead becomes a coexistence.

The conjunction between these 2 different brands brought a stunning and different approach to a sneaker. By combining both couture and sport, Bahnsen and Asics gave us a shoe that could be worn in various circumstances. One does not need to forfeit their aesthetic for comfort while wearing the Gel-Nimbus 9. The commotion surrounding these shoes is justifiable to the multifaceted fashion lover. All it takes is one look at the shoe to understand the hype.

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