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Left: Handouts at Party; Right: L to R - Sienna Rampulla, Karla Williams, Brianna Glenning, Tina Vartanian, Jazmyn Morales

On Friday, August 4th, Issued Magazine celebrated its Third birthday at Scott Bleu Studios in the Bronx. The black-tie party, themed after Alfred Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" (1959), was a glamorous event filled with fashion, art, creativity and most importantly some wonderful guests.

Scott Bleu Studios features work from abstract artist Bleu Pablo and was a perfect venue that just exuded creativity. Pablo's art takes influence from Rothko and Basquiat and made a great backdrop for the event. The largest centered painting in the room titled "King's Mantra" coincidentally was reminiscent of some of the heavy framing techniques of North by Northwest and the use of large rectangular spaces and grids to fill in the background of shots. The piece was vaguely Mondrian and seemingly tied together the midcentury theme of the party with the more modern style art on the walls.

Left: Venue and Guests; Right: Scott Bleu Studios featuring "King's Mantra" painting

The party was able to further cement the Hitchcockian theme by capturing the elegance and excitement of the film. Thanks to spirits provided by Bronx Spirits Wine and Liquors, guests were able to live out the iconic three-martini lunch break just like in the film (although at 6:00pm this was more like a three-martini dinner). Bites and Sips Bakery in Brooklyn also provided delicious pastries for the action packed night.

Rounding out the desired elegance was the guest's commitment to come in themed attire. Arriving impressively dressed were Karla Williams and Jazmyn Morales from My Next Fit, Model Akalyn Whitely, Cameron Hebron, and Siena Rampulla of Pulla Tracker.

Overall, the event was a huge success and was made possible thanks to the hard work by Tina Vartanian, Gurman Thabel and several other members of the Issued Team. It was an unforgettable evening that celebrated the past and made everyone excited for what the future holds for Issued Magazine.


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