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The struggle to elevate a basic look is something many outfit-wearers anxiously anticipate while getting dressed in the morning. One's first thought might be to tack on a loudly colorful blouse with a pair of plain jeans or wear patterns to make up for the lack of pazazz in an outfit. However, there is one piece that can fully transform an outfit and it is likely lying around in your home. Whether it be a satin ribbon or a thin piece of yarn, hair bows are quickly becoming the accessory of choice to enhance a look.

If you have leftover gift wrapping, then you likely have a hair bow option in your home. Ribbons in various sizes work to create the bow effect, whether thick or thin. The Free People Lady Bow is a dainty satin piece that works well with all types of hair. This option is ideal if you're looking for a subtle addition to your hair. The Petite Bow is a less intense version of the Lady Bow for those looking to covertly incorporate an accessory.

Source: Free People

If you find yourself voyaging in your home for string, but can’t find any, a sure solution is grabbing any shoelaces you have laying around in a pair of sneakers and tying them in your hair.

If you’re someone who enjoys crafting, crocheting, and/or knitting, a bow is a quick and easy project that gives a handmade fluffy feel to your hair. For an airy look, we recommend using mohair or Suri yarn. Yarns Truly Shop makes handmade ethereal knitted pieces. Their Mohair Hair Bow is an ideal option if you are looking for a knitted bow, but don't want to make one. Whether you make the piece or buy it, the bow elevates your entire look exponentially.

Source: Yarns Truly Shop

There are various ways to style a bow once you have the string to do so. A half-up look with the bow centered in the back is a classy and simple way to incorporate a bow into your hair. A trending marketing photo from Sandy Liang’s Fall 2023 campaign showcases various miniature bows scattered throughout the model’s long hair. While unconventional, this look is sure to make your outfit unique. If you’re someone who enjoys wearing braids, tying a bow at the bottom of the braid works dually as a ponytail and an accessory.

Source: Sandy Liang

If you have less hair to work with, fear not! Miniature bows work well to wrap around short hair and can be placed anywhere on the head. If you like the headband look, you can wrap the string behind your ears and tie a bow at the top of your head. A good alternative for people who don’t want a bow directly on their heads is to tie a bow around the neck or under a collar.

If an outfit feels drab, there is no need to rack your brain for ways to amplify it. The process of enhancing an outfit doesn't necessarily require the addition of elaborate patterns or accessories. A slight embellishment with a bow in the hair or around the neck is all one needs to elevate their look. Whether utilizing a ribbon, shoelace, or a DIY-crafted bow, this sophisticated and enduring technique effortlessly elevates your overall appearance. Regardless of what you are wearing, adding a bow to the ensemble is rarely a bad idea.

Source: @LunaMontana

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