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Source: Glamour

There's a fine line between dressing quirky and trying a bit too hard, and fans are afraid Blake Lively has just crossed that line. There's no doubt that Blake Lively is one of the most fashionable stars around. After catapulting into fame upon starring in the fan-favorite TV series Gossip Girl, Lively has repeatedly stunned us with her standout red carpet looks. So it's easy to see why fans were left dazed and confused after laying eyes on Lively's lackluster layered look.

Lively was spotted in New Jersey filming the adaptation of It Ends With Us, the bestselling of Coleen Hoover's. Fans mock Lively's most recent appearance as Lily Bloom due to her unusual look. She was wearing a pair of low-rise, patterned khaki pants over what could have been either a different pair or blue patchwork boxers. A ribbed navy crop top was layered under a yellow, blue, and white button-up shirt, and a matching citron leather trench was also part of Lively's busy top half of her outfit. Let's say that this outfit was everything but understated—even her footwear included striking bronze boots!

You may think that your favorite high school art teacher would adore this combination of patterns and textures. Still, many fans were perplexed by this outfit and others that Lively has been spotted wearing on set recently, such as where she wears camouflage pants with brown boots and a white crop top, allowing another pair of colorful patterned boxers to peek out. Additionally, she was spotted wearing a patchwork jacket, baggy red pants, and a beanie.

Source: Page Six

Under a TikTok video, millions of comments came out, most of all negatives. One user commented, "Who is the fashion stylist of this movie?" while another wrote, "The boxers are a hate crime." Even more, one questioned, "Where in the books did it say Lily wore multiple pairs of pants?." Although comments like this, one book lover, believed that this ensemble perfectly captured Lily's personality and said, "The way this is exactly how Lily would dress."

Fans should be mindful that Blake's distinctive style is a component of Lily Bloom, the character she plays in the film. She does not possess it, and it's not a piece of her wardrobe. Don't worry; she is and will always be a fashion icon. Here, Blake, we don't detest your layered pants because they might lessen our collective phobia of low-rise. Therefore, let the era of pants on pants begin!


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