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Bimbocore, We're Taking Sexy Back

Source: Nylon

It is 2006, and months of feuding between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan had been overwhelming the tabloids. The three icons Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan were captured by paparazzi after partying all night and it was smacked on the front page of the New York Post. All at the peak of their career and all together... let the Bimbo Summit commence!

Bimbocore is a niche aesthetic based around women embracing and empowering themselves. The recent resurgence of nostalgic Y2K fashion icons was inspired by this aesthetic. The word "bimbo", according to the Oxford dictionary, is an attractive but unintelligent frivolous young woman. When thinking of bimbo one thinks of a dumb blonde, princess persona, or ditzy hot girl.

Source: Interview Magazine

Women are now reclaiming the word "bimbo" and her body no longer under the influence of internalized misogyny. While the "bimbo" of the past had to play dumb just because they were attractive, the modern day "bimbo" knows her worth.

Bimbofication is a term coined in 2017 that framed the aesthetic into what it is today. Your icon could be one of many celebrities of the 2000s that are coming back in popularity or a character like Elle Woods who perfectly personifies the modern-day bimbo. She is fashionable, girly and aware that it has no impact on her lawyer abilities— just people's perception of her. The new bimbo is confident, socially aware, and politically engaged promoting body and sex positivity.

Source: Pinterest

A modern-day bimbo knows that her intelligence shouldn't be linked to how much cleavage she chooses to show. While some argue that this aesthetic feeds into the male gaze— one would argue against that, considering women are re-claiming their bodies and sexuality. When will we stop with the rhetoric that woman do their hair, makeup and perfectly coordinate their outfits for men?

Many of the members of the bimbocore aesthetic are very open to the LGBTQ+ community making it a place where men, women, trans, non-binary, or gender non-conforming people can be accepted. Anyone that loves pink, makeup, baby tees, miniskirts, moon boots, and skimpy outfits can join in on the bimbocore aesthetic.

Source: Crfashionbook

The bubblegum princess knows her worth and the act of liberation is letting herself be hot without being degraded by men. Another aesthetic that it aligned with bimbocore is barbiecore. When it comes to barbiecore, it grew into popularity after the photos surfaced of the new Barbie movie; Leading many brands to hop onto the hyper-feminine fuchsia look.

One of the most well-known examples is Valentino, with a vast collection of Pink PP color for their Fall and Winter collection of 2022/2023 leading other brands to follow in suit. This aesthetic is great for women of color who were historically left out of the Barbie toys.

Source: ItsLiquid

On TikTok, the #bimbocore has about 72.7 million views. A well-known creator of the bimbocore aesthetic is Chrissy Chlapecka with 574k followers on Instagram currently and TikTok 5.1 million followers. Chrissy’s social media consist of showing off, being hot, and encouraging other women to dress how they want. This TikTok video perfectly explains a bimbo with the voice of bubbly Chrissy showing off her looks and serving.

Source: Instagram

Another creator is Tiaynnaa showing that the modern bimbo can genuinely be anyone. Her curves, style, and moody pics show her interpretation of the aesthetic. She has an Instagram following of 112k and her Tik Tok having 289.9K followers. The movement allows people to start to dress how they want and not caring what others think, especially men.

Source: Instagram

Bimbocore, in terms of feminism, is an aesthetic based on body and sex positivity. A push to wear what you want and not being judged for it. Being able to reclaim your body and not feel ashamed for showing off even if you don't fit into the beauty standard. The bimbocore aesthetic represents reclamation of femineity and rejects the impossible standards women are held too. If you are confident and love feminine things, are socially and politically aware...congratulations you have reached bimbo status!

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