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You've met Dr Barbie, President Barbie, and Mermaid Barbie, but now get ready to meet Sad Barbie, a soul-stirring addition to the Barbie universe brought to life by the immensely talented Billie Eilish. Eilish's once-secret contribution to the Barbie soundtrack, What Was I Made For? is a breathtakingly introspective and quieter piece. Co-written and produced by her brother FINNEAS, the song beautifully captures the struggle of self-discovery and the questions we ask about our purpose.

In the captivating video, expertly directed by Billie herself, we witness her intricate arrangement of Barbie clothes within a surreal green void, symbolizing the uncertainties and challenges of life. What makes it even more fascinating is that the miniature versions of these outfits are inspired by her real-life fashion moments. For instance, it includes her iconic Chanel suit worn at her Oscar red carpet debut in 2020, her trendy camo-print set from her MTV's "TRL" appearance when she was just 15 years old, and her Gucci stunning outfit from the 2020 Grammys, where she made history by receiving four Grammy awards in a single night. This artistic video truly encapsulates Billie's journey and her exceptional style evolution over the years.

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In her poignant lyrics and evocative visuals, Billie Eilish bares her soul, singing, "I used to float/ Now I just fall/ I used to know, but I'm not sure now/ What I was made for/ What was I made for?" accompanied by her signature breathy whisper and gentle piano, delve deeply into themes of identity and the eternal search for one's purpose in the world. In a poignant twist, the song also touches upon the plight of a literal plastic doll, lamenting, "I was an ideal / Looked so alive, turns out, I'm not real / Just something you paid for." This juxtaposition adds a layer of complexity to the song's meaning, subtly commenting on the objectification and unrealistic expectations that many women, including Billie herself, face in society.

Billie Eilish's personal struggles with body image and feeling objectified by the public, mainly due to her non-conforming style, are candidly expressed. The relentless scrutiny and contradictory criticisms she receives, whether for wearing baggy clothes or revealing attire, reflect the double standards imposed on women in the public eye. She bravely challenges societal norms and acknowledges the complexities of being a woman in the spotlight, which makes her the ideal woman to represent this song.

In a statement accompanying the video’s release, Eilish said Director Greta Gerwig showed her and Finneas a handful of unfinished scenes in January, admitting that the sibling collaborators had, “nooooo idea what to expect at ALLL… we were so deeeeeply moved.. that the next day we were writing and COULDNT shut up about it lolll andddddddddd ended up writing almost the entire song that night. To be real with you this all seemed to happen in a time when i really needed it. I’m so so thankful for that.” She added that the video she created for it "makes me cry.. it means so much to me, and I hope it will mean just as much to you. I don't have much to say other than that; I think it will speak for itself🫀 : "") Enjoy."

Source: Billboard

With her Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe-winning talent, Billie Eilish continues to make waves in the music and film industry. Her previous collaboration with FINNEAS on the James Bond film No Time to Die won them the best original song Oscar in 2022. Now, with What Was I Made For? and Sad Barbie, Billie's artistry takes a poignant and emotional turn that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Billie Eilish's "Sad Barbie" is more than just a song and video; it's an intimate and authentic expression of human emotions, reminding us that even in moments of uncertainty, we can find solace and understanding through art. With her exceptional talent and emotional depth, Billie continues to captivate audiences, leaving us eagerly awaiting her next artistic endeavor.

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