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The BET Awards is a celebration of celebrities across the entertainment industry to highlight their best work in music, movies, sports, and humanitarian work. One of the categories that is frequently offered in the award show is Best Female Hip Hop Artist, where the phenomenal female rapper, Latto, won this category. As she was excited about winning this award, there was a small wardrobe malfunction in her sheer black gown. Her black strappy heel.

As she walked up to the stage, her shoe was caught in the dress, which caused the strap to break off in the middle of walking. Yet, she handled her wardrobe malfunction with grace. She even mentioned during her acceptance speech that her shoe fell off, saying, “Child, I’ve got one heel on, one heel off.” Yet, she showed her authenticity through it all.

Source: YouTube

Her losing her shoe shows that it's okay to mess up, but as long as you bounce back, your victories outweigh your mistakes. “Shout out to all the other women in the category, all the women who paved the way for this to even be possible. This category is going crazy this year.” she mentioned to the female rappers. Statements like this is another reason why Latto deserves this award, and nothing less.

If there is anything that Latto taught us, was that even when there's a malfunction, you are still winning.

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