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On March 1st, 2023 the Italian Trade Commission, located in the Upper East Side and the Italian Beauty council hosted a 'Beauty Made In Italy' Panel. Avril Graham, Fashion & Beauty Director of Harper's Bazaar, Moderated the discussion on the next generation of Italian Beauty. Panelists included: Chiara Cascella, Founder & CEO of EspressOh; Gian Antoni Pisterzi, Founder & CEO of Pisterzi Grooming Art; and Giuditta Rossetti, Founder & CEO of Acqualai.

Source: Espressoh

During the discussion, Graham posed to the beauty-preneurs what brought them to the beauty space. Cascella responded by explaining, "I was working in the Beauty Industry and in my latest job I was working in product development and it was when I realized that actually, nearly 70% of cosmetic products; Color Cosmetic's products is made in Italy".

After hearing this earth-shattering statistic, Graham re-iterated it, creating space for the audience to really take in it's impact. Cascella continued, "a lot of cosmetic brands actually come to Italy to make their makeup products. Coming to Italian manufacturers".

Source: Acqualai

Bringing a new meaning to 'Made In Italy', Rossetti was inspired by the Italian land and her love for the sea. She explained, "When I found out in 2016 that we faced coral bleaching-- when corals become white in color it is because they are dying. And this is a big issue because coral reefs are giving life to the majority of marine life... They rely on coral reefs for breathing."

She continued, "The thing that we don't know is [coral] bleaching caused by climate change, over fishing, and also by the ingredients contained in sun care and that is why we decided to create mineral sun care that is safe on the skin and safe for marine life. Protect the skin and respect the ocean." Such a beyond genius marketing strategy, it just makes us want to sail to Italy in our Acqualai mineral sunscreen in the middle of winter!

With sustainability and transparency rooted in these three brands, it was quite fascinating hearing each founder discuss the sourcing of their packaging; And their challenges with making a product that is fully recyclable from end to end.

Pisterzi said it best, "Our job is really an art, because I love it so much it doesn't feel like work".


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