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The new Greta Gerwig Barbie movie expected to release in July has brought a makeup craze that showcases all things hot pink, flashy, and feminine. The film follows Barbie and Ken (played by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling) as they go from the perfect and glorified world of Barbie to the underwhelming real world. The Barbie world is evidently chipper, with pops of glitter and a plethora of pink. As seen in the trailer for the film, life in Barbie World ensures that every day " the best day ever!" The amount of pink is overwhelming, but viewers are intended to associate the color with the cheerful utopia that is Barbie World. Soon after the trailer was released in early June, people began recreating makeup looks that mirror those from the 2-minute highlight reel.

Source: IMDb

The main characters wear bright colors, have lively voluminous hair, and, most importantly, exclusively wear pink-shaded makeup paired with flawless glowing skin. "Barbiecore" mimics these looks using every shade of pink possible with eyeshadows, liners, blushes, and lip products. Blown-out hair usually tops off the glam and embodies a feminine energy prominent in many of Robbie's looks from the film.

TikTok and Instagram reels are bursting with GRWM's and product recommendations to achieve this look. Gone is the dark-brown smokey eye. Pink everything is here to stay. These are some tips on how you can embrace the Barbie look just in time for the movie debut.

Victoria Lyn, a popular TikTok star, uses her platform to share ways to achieve trendy makeup looks with products you have at home. In a recent video, Lyn gives 3 makeup tips that ensure one gets the Barbiecore look down. She recommends packing on various light pink blushes, whether liquid, cream, or powder, to give a striking and bright Barbiecore cheek. Lyn uses the Half Magic Beauty pink liquid eyeshadow which adds a dazzling pink shimmer and focuses people's attention to the eyes. She Packs on the Fenty Beauty pink-hued highlighter and even extends it to the bottom of her forehead for an extra glow. She finishes the glam with a soft pink gloss and recommends pairing the makeup with a fun pink outfit.

Australian beauty influencer, Chloe Morello, takes a more subtle approach to the look, making it wearable for everyday outings. She calls her version of the trend, Shy-Girl Barbiecore. Using a light and clean base for the face, she mainly focuses on the eyes, taking her time to subtly incorporate light pinks into the look. She uses a matte pink base in On Pointe from About Face all over the lid, and tops it off with a more pigmented Dior blush on the outer corners to make the pink pop. She lightly taps her inner corner with a pink highlighter and packs on the same Dior blush she used on her eyes directly to her cheeks. The Saie rose-gold highlighter lays on top of the blush perfectly. Pink lipstick and gloss are what finish the look, giving Chloe a natural, but Barbie-fied face.

Ryan Bailey Potter provides his Tik Tok following with rare makeup recommendations that are bound to look magnificent. He is a calming presence with a fierce hand in makeup. In his Barbiecore tutorial, Potter packs on the classic Dior blush, noting that, "[it] felt like an obvious choice for this one." He adds the Givenchy Prisme Libre Blush for an extra shimmer. He chooses to keep the eye look simple with a smudged-out pink look. What sets Potter's look apart from others is his use of the Pat Mcgrath Labs Dark Star Mascara in Pink Mystique. This stunning hot-pink mascara makes the eyes pop and accentuates the pink makeup on the rest of the face, bringing the whole look together.

Lyn, Morello, and Potter achieve the Barbiecore look in 3 different ways. The beauty of this craze is that there is no correct way to attain the look. Whether one wants an intense appearance with pink makeup layered on the face or a calm pink-tinted look, Barbiecore is achievable for everyone.

Source: @HoskElsa

Although the release of the Barbie movie is what popularized the new Barbiecore trend, it is clear that the looks produced give confidence that expands beyond just the film. In wearing Barbie-like makeup, one is thrown into a magical world where life is exciting. Taking part in this trend boosts people's morale, even if just for the day. Barbiecore allows people to explore their feminine and imaginative sides that could sometimes get lost in day-to-day makeup, making the trend a worthwhile endeavor.

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