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Source: Ramon Rivas

Although for most individuals, the summer season signifies a time of relaxation, for Alicia Keys, it is the perfect opportunity to engage in productive endeavors and initiate an entirely new tour. Commencing her Keys to the Summer Tour at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, on Friday night, the renowned singer embarked on a series of performances scheduled over the upcoming weeks. In addition to showcasing some of her chart-topping hits such as 'Fallin' and 'No One', Keys is captivating her audience with her remarkable stage attire, exuding a unique sense of fashion.

Collaborating with Stylist Anna Trevelyan, Keys aimed to embrace a new fashion aesthetic for her tour while staying true to her authentic self. Expressing her androgynous energy that blends masculine and feminine elements, she sought to showcase a diverse mix. Keys shared, "I adore the vibrant colors and brightness that truly capture my spirit and the essence of summer." The duo curated custom ensembles from renowned fashion houses, including Valentino, Pucci, GCDS, Monot, and Self-Portrait. Keys emphasized her appreciation for each designer's unique vibes and the personalized touch evident in every look. She even revealed, "I'm wearing some exclusive pieces that haven't even hit the runway yet!"

During the Tampa show, fans were treated to a sneak peek of Keys's new outfits. Among her favorites were the vibrant and glowing Pucci ensembles, with one look featuring a reflective cape, top, and pants. Another standout piece was the custom Valentino creation, complete with a dramatic cape coat. Keys expressed her admiration, stating, "It feels elegant and chic. The cape and beading add a touch of drama. When I walk down the stairs, the way it cascades is incredible." Keys believes that what she wears significantly impacts her stage presence. "To me, fashion is a performance. It's an artistic expression of who you are and the transformation you undergo," she added.

As Keys has just begun her tour, she is set to undergo numerous fashion transformations in the coming weeks. She prioritizes grounding herself and taking care of her well-being to maintain her momentum. Keys explained, "To stay sane during touring, I ensure I'm having a great time and feeling good. I prioritize rest and my health. On my days off, I engage in enjoyable activities. It's summertime, so I can go to the beach or relax at the pool. Despite the hectic schedule, I love what I do, and that keeps me going."

Source: Ramon Rivas

Keys anticipates surprising her fans with a unique experience regarding the upcoming shows. She expressed, "I'm excited to keep astonishing people. This show is unlike anything they've seen from me before, and the response has been incredible. I can't wait to keep delivering that energy." Additionally, she eagerly awaits visiting certain cities during the tour. Keys revealed, "I'm especially looking forward to returning to cities I haven't been to in a while, like New Orleans and Memphis. There are stops on this tour where I'm truly excited to create magical moments. It's going to be an epic journey."

Keys is captivating audiences with her summer tour, delivering performances and showcasing remarkable stage attire. Collaborating with renowned stylists and fashion houses, she embraces a new fashion aesthetic blends her authentic self with androgynous energy. With vibrant ensembles from Pucci and custom creations from Valentino, Keys surprises fans with unique experiences. Her tour is a testament to her dedication, artistry, and commitment to providing an exceptional experience for her fans. We can't wait to see her on stage, and you?

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